Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday April 14 Update

NOTE: I'm navigating posts to this new blog just for ROW80 so that weekly updates will be easier to find -- and to write. My goals are listed on the side bar or click here.

Sunday, April 14: We've been back just a week, and after a month away, it feels like I'm still digging out. But participating in ROW80 still keeps me focused! Achievements this week: Accepted as local author at 2nd Look Books here in Spokane. Learned how to make a poster. Almost posted a poem a day (I think I'm one poem behind). Commented on 5 submissions to the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association literary contest and learned more about what makes a really good synopsis in the process.

Worked on being a helpful ROW80 sponsor by reading and commenting on about 5 posts a day. So far, so good. Submitted the 'inspirational' article for ROW80 blog by deadline, BUT I'm not sure it was inspirational enough as I ended up trying to figure out what really motivates writers to write and how that affects what we write.

I found a great quote from Ray Bradbury: "You must stay drunk on writing so reality doesn't destroy you." I paraphrased this to: "When reality destroys you, write!"

But the blogger I'm drawn to most these days is K. M. Huber's blog. Her post this week: "Humility: The Art of Being Enough."

May your writing week go well!

Beth's Office (April 2013)

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