Sunday, September 8, 2013

ROW80: Sunday, foggy Sunday . . .

Foggy Sunday. Long list of to-do today. But I do cherish this morning of quiet, the gray air softening what is to come, just as the green leaves on the cherry tree outside my window soften my view of the parking lot below. These sweet green leaves remind me of a summer nearly past. One or two leaves have turned that bright yellow that speaks of fall. The temperatures now are dropping, and I wonder what changes this winter will bring.

ROW80 Sunday check-in:

1. Cherish each day. 
2. Work on marketing. Took the plunge. Subbed Standing Stones to an indie publisher with a 1-3 month turn-around. If no-go, then I self-pub by year-end. Sent 3 beta-read trades out and am excited about reading them this week.
3. Write 5 sentences a day for Rivers of Stone for minimum of 1,000 words a week. New goal 7,000 words for September. Great progress this week 6 out of 7 days. Total as of Sept 8:  2,066.
4. Fulfill ROW80 Sponsor by reading assigned + 5. Met goal.
5. Reduce electronic clutter 2x weekly. Deleted 600 this week.
6. Blog 4x week. Done.
7. Catch up Washington State Quilters. Reasonable progress. Finishing program today, then out for proofing. Then work on promo for meeting and quilt show.
8. Exercise 3x this week. Swam 2x. Rain and fog descended. No walks.

Just 10 days to 'finish' Round 3. May your week go well.

Crane at moment of flight (Camp 2012)


  1. I love those foggy fall mornings, Beth! They're so dreamy and writerly.

    Great progress on your goals! Congratulations on getting Standing Stones submitted. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens.

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Kim, it feels like rather a last moment before self-pubbing. But this particular company has a process of three readers and turns around typically in 1-3 months and it has an excellent reputation. May your own writing go well.


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