Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weds check-in: On a roll . . .

I'll be inspired by what others have done and post a brief update following each goal for this week.

Updated goals for this week or what's happened since Sunday:

* Work on final read/edit of Standing Stones. Hitting four chapters a day. So far, so good. Helpful feedback from beta readers.

* Wind up October with daily poems for OctPoWriMo and read what others have written. Haven't missed a day . . . yet! One more poem to go and I'm enjoying what others have written.

* Post at least once on my travel blog. Not yet. Maybe tonight?

* Plan November entries for my writing blog (guest blog Sandy Brown Jensen and series on creativity). No progress here.

* Continue participating in ROW80 through Round 4. OK so far. Reading 5 tonight.

* Write two crits for NOVELS-L (the Internet Writing Workshop) and 1 more book review for Book Review Club. After being active in this group since 2011, I've withdrawn. My work-in-progress isn't really ready for subbing, and I'm always rushing to read and critique what others have written. The IWW, and specifically the NOVELS-L group has been a sustaining source of helpful feedback -- when I've subbed, and I've met some truly wonderful writers. But . . . I'm feeling drawn to other writing challenges. Marketing, for one and that final level of editing that depends on my own critical eye. Need one more book review for that Book Review Club. Still feels a bit of the numbers game here, but reviewing others' indie-published books in my genre (historical fiction) has been illuminating and fun.

* Read craft (Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones and 2 magazines). Luckily Goldberg's chapters are short. So far, I'm reading her every day. Two magazines? Not yet.

* Work on winding up volunteer work, play with quilting, and cherish each day with family and friends! Steady progress here. I'm working on files and the job description binder, have quilted 2 out of 3 days (show and tell next time), and had a lovely walk with DH today, alongside a small pool with mallards and scattered pine needles along the path. It was just cold enough to appreciate our warm apartment when we came back home.

For fun, I've started playing around with a cover for Standing Stones. Here's today's effort (left side for blurbs; right side for cover).

What do you think?

I hope your week is going well. Or as they say, "Whassup?"

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  1. Great progress on your goals, Beth!

    I like the cover, but I'm a little worried the box with the title is going to run into the spine.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. The cover is just a draft. Early days. I'll recrop to fit the various e-pub needs -- once the final cover's done.

  2. Sounds like you're making great progress . . . and wise decisions. All the best on your goals for the new month - and beyond.

    1. Thank you! I hope your writing goals go well -- and all else.

  3. Hi Beth, sometimes we need to shed responsibilities/refocus our attention to make the best of our time with regards to our needs. Good for you!

    I must concur with Ruth re. your cover. I would also use an image with more vibrancy. The image you've chosen is very nice, but the colour wash is pale and removes the drama of the actual image/scene. IMHO at least :D X

    1. Thank you, Shah. You're right about more vibrancy. I found an interesting article last night about covers and will persevere. I looked at the first 50 most popular historical fiction titles on Amazon and pulled out a few that I liked. Rutherford's covers feature paintings by artists in that period, but they have more of an 'old time' feel rather than in-your-face. I'll keep working on this!

  4. I love the way you've come to realize that certain parts of your life aren't feeding your passions, and to let them go.

    I like the image, but I do see it as very calm. If the story is more active, maybe a more vivid image, with light playing over the stone, might work better?

    I missed the poetry challenge this month - I just couldn't fit it in. Next year, maybe - I still want to revise the poems I wrote last year. They are powerful, but very raw, still.

    May your next days be joyfully productive! =D

    1. Thank you, Shan, for visiting and commenting. It's not so easy to let go. Yes, I appreciate your reaction re the cover. I will keep working on this. Maybe next year, you'll join the poetry challenge? There's always April (National Poetry Month). I was surprised how easily the poems came this time . . . but I did think about the prompt before going to sleep. Was that cheating? Yes, I agree about the revising, but some poems are too personal. And, definitely thank you for that affirming comment. May YOUR next days be joyfully productive!


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