Thursday, November 21, 2013

What if Thursday were Wednesday?

Hard week, steady progress. Just not in all categories.

Progress on ROW80 Goals for Weds update. 
1. Write those 500 words a day on Rivers of Stone.Oops. Nothing for 2 days.Maybe this morning.
2. Complete pending book reviews x 2. Two reviews done, one posted. Other one goes up later today.
3. Keep working the final edits for Standing Stones. Top priority but no progress since Sunday. Maybe draft pre-launch activities. Still would like to publish before my birthday -- and that's December 6th!
4. Participate in ROW80 x10 for the week. Checked in on 8 folks.
5. Follow blog schedule by posting 5x out of 7 days. Wrote a poem for the writing blog on Monday that still resonates, even if I did get brain coral wrong (now corrected). Thanks, Magrit.
6. Celebrate Egypt presentation behind me (due day Monday, Nov 18). Presentation complete!!!! Audience of about 20. Figure I invested maybe 15-20 hours, or nearly an hour a person. Still learned a little somethng along the way, including more grist for the travel blog.
7. Declutter, quilt, cook good meals, exercise 3x, and cherish each day. Doing pretty good here. Actually got some quilting done this week. Exercised only once. Hanging in there. Reading  Jesmyn Ward's Salvage the Bones. She certainly likes her metaphors and dishes up some beautiful imagery. Still a tough read..
8. Don't listen to that nagging inner voice! As a goal, this didn't work at all. But the good thing about mornings is that fresh start. So I now have about 2 uncluttered hours for writing. OK down to one hour after making breakfast for the fam.

What inspires us every day?

Here is Sherry Pryor's "Not Your Grandmother's 9-patch". Just looking at this quilt makes me want to dive right in. My version would not have the embellishments, but the curves in tones of batik, appliqued leaves, a central moon. Beautiful.

"The purpose of art is to wash "the daily dust of life off our souls." --Pablo Picasso

Not Your Grandmother's Nine Patch


  1. What a lovely quilt, Beth. You're quite right though about the embellishments. They're pretty, but their almost too much more on top of everything else.

    The progress you've made will help in the long run. It's hard when you skip a day. Sometimes... Keep trying for that consistency.

    You know. :-)

  2. Thank you for visiting, Eden. Actually I'm just beginning to realize I'm more of an intuitive quilter because I measure haphazardly, start more projects than I finish, and am drawn by the vibrant colors and art designs more than traditional quilters. Luckily, my quilting friends forgive me, and I do love their traditional designs. Re the writing, perseverance furthers.

  3. Your style, is your style, Beth. That's why your friends forgive you.

    For example, a friend of mine showed me a rug she'd bought at an estate sale this weekend. It's a handmade rug, the dyes look to be all vegetable make, the patterns are inconsistent... It's gorgeous. Though cut and loomed like most Turkish rugs, it looks more like it could have come from a tribal community, and that it could have been more of a story tapestry than an ornamental floor covering...

    It's precious to my friend because it's so very unique. And because she likes strong colors and artistic differences....

    And in that, I suspect you may too.

  4. A lovely story and an interesting rug. Thank you again, Eden, for enriching my understanding.


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