Monday, January 6, 2014

Round 1 begins . . .and a cover reveal!

Hands poised over the keyboard, clock ticking relentlessly (even if it's battery-powered, it has that familiar click), I'm wondering what to say about this new Round of Words that begins today.

Goals set up on chart, organized by categories with priorities, action steps, and deadlines. Check. Two pages. No wonder I make slow progress <grin>  Office cleaner than it's been for a very long time as I'll continue my commitment to un-cluttering!

WRITING remains my top priority, but I'm not writing right now.

BLOGGING = commitment to post once each week on each of my blogs, serve as ROW80 sponsor by reading 5-8 each week, and participate in a few blog challenges.


PUBLISHING/MARKETING. Here's my main focus! I'm working on self-publishing Standing Stones through CreateSpace and Amazon's Kindle, and, ta-da! Here is the cover!

Angie at pro_ebookcovers designed my cover, including the back cover through fiverr. Her directions were succinct. I sent her text and ideas, as well as links to three covers I liked from Amazon. Within 4 days, I had my cover with an image of the standing stones that far surpassed anything I could do.

I'm now awaiting for paper copy  for that final read through for typos before 'launching,' later than I thought BUT still this month.

Thinking about marketing, reading about marketing, and then actually carrying out individual steps can actually be fun. Now the mystery begins. If I do everything on my list, will people fall in love with my story? That's my hidden goal this year: To find out if my writing really does move readers.

PERSONAL GOALS include commitments to family, exercise, quilting, and health. I just joined a new quilting group that will make quilts for charities twice a month. This morning is our first meeting, and I'm excited to have 4 hours set aside just for quilting with my buddies. So, gotta run, gotta run.

May 2014 be a very good year for you -- especially in identifying and meeting your writing goals.

Thank you, ROW80, for making all possible!


  1. Two pages worth of goals? I know how that feels! I've got my writing goals identified and I'm hoping that this is the year that I finish a novel and at least a short story or two. Good luck to you with all of your goals as well!

    1. One step at a time. If I look at the entire list, I balk. But participating in ROW80 really does help keep me focused. Tenacity. Perseverance. Write with heart. 2014 may be a very good year for us all.

  2. Thinking about marketing can be fun.... *shakes head in puzzlement* I don't see it yet, but you definitely give me hope, Beth.

    That quilting group sounds sweet. My M-i-L was telling me about how her local quilting group managed to make something like 20 quilts for the needy in the area. It's lovely to hear such stories. Hope you had a lot of fun at your first meeting.

    And thank you for helping out a little extra with the ROW80 duties.

    1. Not a problem, Eden. It's taken me a bit to step back from an avalanche of information about the 'best' way to market. Although my first reaction is dread, when I focus on smaller steps, each little successful action takes me closer to reaching the goal, which is overall, a balanced approach to supporting my writing with marketing that's truly fun. Somebody yesterday on ROW80 referred to 'ethical marketing' and I'd really like to know more about that . . . so the plot continues!

      And after yesterday, I have 5 quilters making a few blocks for my project -- which will be done in three weeks!

  3. Love the cover! Good luck with the publishing and marketing. Wish you a fantastic round Beth.

    1. Thank you, Raelyn. I still hope you will write more about those 3 acts, 9 blocks, and 27 chapters! Best of 2014 to you.

  4. Nice cover! Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude towards the marketing -- good luck! I'll get back into that aspect of indie publishing again one of these days, but first I want to get a couple more books out.

    Good luck with your goals, all two pages of them!

  5. Nice cover! Those big goals really are doable when we break them down in to baby steps. Sounds like you have a lot, but you've thought them through. Good luck!


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