Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ROW80 Weds check-in: Flip and turn

We should cherish each day and each person who brings us the gifts of grace and harmony. 


I write early in the morning, and my computer faces the window. So not feng shui, where all is arranged to encourage looking within, but I delight in that moment before I begin -- when the birds gather and settle in the cherry tree so near, just now beginning to ripen.

The reality is nothing is constant. Not me, not you.

We can strive to create that balance, a sense of order, but without constant attention and perseverance, or perhaps an 'unmindfulness' (obliviousness?), we court chaos. And we must confront disorder, disaster, death, and decide that the darkness is also part of our balance, our lives, our selves. Even our writing.

Now, what on earth is provoking all this? Yesterday, my son-in-law had a car accident. He's OK, but the car was totalled. I'm grateful we're here to help.

Now to that Weds check-in:

WRITING: Write 300 words a day, doesn't matter on what. Goal 4 out of 7 days. So far this week 1 day (450 words).
--Continue final edits for Years of Stone, working every day. So far, so good.
--Draft book supplements for Years of Stone: No progress.
--Draft blurb for cover: Yippee! Done! and submitted the order. About 3 hours of work. That means later this week, or next, maybe a cover reveal!

BLOGGING: Goals 5 posts this week, read 10 posts by ROW80 folks. So far posted 1 writing, 2 ROW80 and read 5. 
--Write Reflection piece for A to Z challenge. No progress, but I'm thinking about it.

--Read Restless Fires about John Muir for bookclub, 20 pages a day. Enjoying this one.
-- Read at least one of two pending beta reads. No progress.
--Crit one sub from Novels-L this week. No progress yet.
--Read two books a week: Finished Diana Gabaldon's Outlander and want to write a little something about this very popular book. Reading Overland to Oregon for Rivers of Stone. So want to start outlining for Rivers of Stone, but edits come first.

OTHER: Exercise 3x this week, quilt, catch up on that round of housework that must be done, and cherish each day with family and friends.

Were you wondering about flip and turn, where that came from? I'm working on a charity quilt and 'flip and turn' is a way of finishing the quilt -- instead of using traditional binding, you layer the batting, quilt top, and backing, stitch together, then 'flip and turn' for a quilt ready for top stitiching. It's such a pleasure to see that almost-finished quilt, a very different perspective from the beginning, with cut pieces everywhere, no discernible pattern. Sometimes there are surprises . . . 

May you be surprised by progress this coming week -- and cherish each day!

Near Painted Hills, Oregon (Camp, May 2014)


  1. Thanks for your thoughts on balance and the influence of chaos, Beth. Best of luck staying on track with your goals, and kicking it up a notch as the round comes to a close!

    1. Thank you, J.R. Of course, reading a good book helps as well. Write on!

  2. So many people having car accidents recently... Chris Kincaid's sister with the deer, the accident on the way to work, the... Well, just glad your son is safe. Sorry about the car. They actually build them that way these days, so that they crumple more in an accident, absorbing more of the impact and buffering the people inside.

    Barring that, I hope you keep having a thoughtful and creative week, Beth.


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