Saturday, March 28, 2015

ROW80: Last Post for Round One

There are no words for this morning's post. No good words. No bad words. I'm reminded of Virginia Woolf's call for a room of one's own. I have that. But new words have gone away for a bit.

So I'm not volunteering to be a sponsor for ROW80 for Round 2, and I may not even check in. Time for the muse to take a rest.

Not to worry. I'll be editing like mad and maybe writing a poem or two. And a scene. Maybe even this morning.

All the best to all of you prodigious and inspirational writers who are a part of A Round of Words in 80 Days, that writing community that knows we all have lives outside the keyboard.

Check in on what we've accomplished HERE and celebrate our accomplishments!

The Write Practice


  1. Good for you Beth! I will be loitering around your blog, not stalking, just loitering. Ingore that shadow in the corner!! I'm going to far busier this coming Round what with NaPoWriMo and Blogging from A to Z (see you there) and my theatre projects. Oh and writing, editing, and reading! No rest for the wicked (well, I rest from June to August). I promised my husband that we would take the summer off. :-) See you around the internet!

  2. Well, Beth, I guess we all reach that point where we have to say Enough. Time to refocus and regroup. I had hoped that I would accomplish that after taking off most of the month of March. But I will get it together when the time comes. Now you have a productive next few months, and do stay in touch with the world. Chris

  3. I love that you're taking care of YOU. I've had trouble marrying writing and editing, so I know what you mean. For Round Two, I'm considering devoting just a few minutes a day to the editing, and see if I can move forward while creating new worlds...because the words and the worlds won't stop! =)

    Hope to see you here and there along the way, and may your time away be joyful!


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