Sunday, October 11, 2015

ROW80: Sunday afternoon

May I begin with thanks to that goddess of organization, Kait Nolan, who so generously posted her spreadsheet? The last several months I've been working and writing and feeling like I'm making no progress at all. 

But Kait's spreadsheet, with a few new columns for different projects, allows me to see at a glance that I really AM making progress. And that those words add up to a respectable number by the end of a week. I'm not saying I'm hitting my goals . . . yet. But at last, I can see progress.  

Update on ROW80 goals: 

Writing: Again, thanks to Kait, this week I wrote 2,786 words on plotting, drafting, and poetry. Haven't blogged about my research, but I am still writing a poem a day for OctPoWriMo (inspired by ROW80's Morgan Dragonwillow). Writing poetry is rather a discipline, a focusing down to what is essential in this moment. Morgan posts prompts, but we writers can digress. Not done yet: Any memoir drafts or research blogs. Participate in WIPpet Wednesday. Continue work on author interview questions for Spokane Authors.

Marketing/Community: This week set up Allen's GoodRead's page for his Vietnam era novel, Reaching. Hooray! Stay tuned for announcement for a GoodReads giveaway. Despite computer problems, managed to meet commitments as ROW80 sponsor. To work on this week: Facebook author page (for myself), send out newsletter to subscribers, and set up November reading event.

Other: Babysat a prodigious amount this week. Staring down another series of doctor appointments for hubby. Quilt show opens Thursday. Will strive to keep exercise on schedule 3x this week.

Kait Nolan's "Data Driven Decision Making" (including that invaluable spreadsheet) is HERE.

If you feel like reading a poem, hop over to my writing blog!

Check out what other ROW80 writers are up to HERE. And may we all achieve our goals, writing and otherwise! Now for a little inspiration for Halloween. Are you thinking bumblebees?


  1. It sounds as though you've got a busy week ahead! Good luck! :)

  2. I'm so glad OctPoWriMo is helping you write poetry everyday this month. I'm going to have to check out the spreadsheet your talking about and see if it is something I want to work with as well.

    May your week be filled with ease and grace as you glide through your goals and your words flow onto the page!

  3. I like tracking word production, too... I just have a hard time tracking editing production, and have a case of dontwanna in that regard anyway. :D
    Good luck keeping up your progress. :)

  4. I'm so happy that Kait's spreadsheet is working for you. Huzzah to a great week!! I should try it or something like it myself.

  5. I have issues with columns that aren't on buildings....but Kait did get me thinking about ways I can better quantify my progress on my many many projects. It's more a continuum for me, but I can see that I'm a very different, more focused writer and person in general than I was even a year ago.

    I'm not quite keeping up with OctPoWriMo at the moment - but I feel the poetry surging within me, rising up now that the Other Things have mostly been tended to . I am going to let it flow from me at will...I expect I'll get caught up, but, even if I don't, there's tremendous value for me in making the attempt, and shifting my focus in that direction for a time...

    No bumblebees here that aren't fumbling between the last fall flowers. I do have a Zombie Schoolgirl, and a boy who is going to let 3 preteen girls choose what he wears (in theory, of course - the reality may be different).

    May all the appointments go well, and the quilt show as well.


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