Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ROW80: Willful Wednesday

The week started with a few challenges. Dear hubby now has a crater on his chin, healing with 7 stitches, but no more cancer. My strained hamstring has me hobbling through stretches. About the only thing I can report for ROW80's Weds check-in is that I still am writing a poem a day for Octpowrimo, posted on my writing blog (only missed one day). Everything else is far behind.

But my office is cleaner.

I have let go of three boxes of books, always, always hard to do.

I finished another lap quilt.

And the next hour beckons. Baseball game on in the living room. Moonlight outside. Sweet, dark night, early enough to work on some writing, yes?

Check out the progress for other ROW80 folks HERE.


  1. Best wishes for healing to both you and your husband. Congrats on keeping the poetry going despite health challenges. I love the quilt! I hope the rest of your week is calm and productive.

  2. Beautiful quilt! It has a very warm and cuddly look. Hope you and hubby are both feeling better soon.

  3. Still, that's a lot of productive, just in different areas.

    Also, I really have been enjoying your poetry this month. I have had a couple of slow days, so am trying to make up for it. :-) See you later for Sunday OctPoiWriMo and ROW80.


    P.S. Huzzah for no more Cancer! And some healing engeries to your hamstring.


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