Thursday, February 18, 2016

ROW80 Check-in: From the land of Paradise Light

The next two days will hit 80 here in the land of Paradise Light, so nicknamed because while we're on the Gulf Coast, we're not in Mexico. Later, we'll take friends off to see the birds and eat fresh, grilled fish at an open-air seafood restaurant called Doc's. But this morning, as the sun rises over palm trees and the sea gulls squawk, I will catch up and celebrate happy news.

Update ROW80 Goals for last week, continuing unchanged for the coming week:

1. Edit Rivers of Stone. Yes! Finally back on track with fresh eyes, reading, revising, and writing Section 04. Completed Chapters 1-5. Goal: Complete 3 more chapters by next Sunday as Chapter 5 is a bugger.

2. Draft second story for The Mermaid Quilt. 330/1,500 words. Made some progress. Not worried about this one because of (1) above. May draft a few scenes.

3. READING: Now reading Gabriel Stone's Chorus of Swans, intriguing science fiction. Completed & sent private review on indie novella.

5. Marketing: Complete 2 marketing steps: I'm still reading articles about marketing rather than actually marketing. But I did find an amazing survey about readers of historical fiction that helped me to define my readers more precisely than that anonymous, hulking, ghost-like person who reads. I'm slowly inching up to define my 'brand'. OK did Tweet, did post on author's page on FB. Persevere!

6. Write 250 words on memoir and/or poetry book: Read Poetry Foundation page daily and write in the style of or inspired by prompt from Poets on the Page. Yes, this week's opening line: "I know this anonymous face rather too well . . . "

8. Online community: Wrote "And the Big M -- Mystery," subbed it, and this short semi-motivational article was accepted! Keeping pace with ROW80, but still need to read others. Goal x10 for coming week.

Now for the good news. Somehow this last Monday, after two weeks away from home and established routines, I began again to edit Rivers of Stone, fighting with those plot holes and unresolved character motivations. Finally making progress. I'm feeling really good about that. 

Today began with a short e-mail from a reader who wanted to know when the next "Stones" book would be available. I made a commitment. Late summer 2016. That's THIS summer. We talk a lot on ROW80 about goals shaping our work and making a difference. I don't want to spend another several years writing in a circle. Wish me the best!

And now hop over to ROW80 to see what everyone's up to. Give an encouraging wave for me!

Spoonbills in flight
Corpus Christi (February 2015)


  1. I so get the writing in a circle feeling. Often I write something and then revise, edit, revise some more, edit and convince myself it's not good enough (despite what others say). ANd I end up going round and round convincing myself the book isn't ready. When it is! (This was my current dilemma with my second book. I kept freaking out about it. And delaying. But I've put it out there on FB it will be ready in late spring of 2016 so....I've committed to it! *tries not to panic!*

    Good luck with your goals! I have faith you'll hit you're Late Summer 2016 deadline! *cheers you on, with pom poms!!*

    1. Congrats on moving your wip forward! Exciting news -- and I appreciate the effort that goes behind that commitment to publish. Please keep me posted. I'll look for you on FB.

  2. There's something about making that commitment that lights a fire inside of you. Once you put it out there and create a deadline in the real world, the motivation really kicks in.

    Good luck with your goals, Beth!


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