Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weds night check-in: All keeps changing

Wish I had good news. DH's back is a little better; tomorrow morning he goes to the hospital for a procedure. So, maybe I'll have good news by tomorrow night or the weekend! 

Here's my almost late check-in for A Round of Words in 80 Days:


Blue = completed/reasonable progress. Red: Ouch! Nada.

1. Post daily for April's A to Z blogging Challenge. Comment on 15 blogs this week. Progress by Weds: Current with daily posts on my writing blog. Read 16 so far. Last week of this challenge (thank goodness!).

2. Write a minimum of 750 words and/or 4 hours of editing on Rivers of Stone. No progress.

3. Work on marketing: Set up 30-day marketing plan. Identify 5 action steps to take. Progress by Weds: Read two articles (one by Shelley Hitz on how to set up a 30-day marketing calendar), set up marketing goals, and began research for presentation on marketing (using blog hops & online interviews) next Thurs.

4. Delete at least 150 e-mails. Progress by Weds: Deleted 200, but those darn e-mails are coming in faster than I can process. Still hovering around 300.

5. Start reading book by indie writer for review. Manion: Springer’s Heart. No progress. But I'm doing a lot of genre reading this month, so far 13 books (and one review), most likely another form of stress management.

6. Be mindful to keep stress levels down. Continue exercise daily and quilt. Set up that next applique project; continue to work on the coffee cup comfort quilt. So far, so good. Bloomsday is this Sunday, that 7.5 mile walk. I think I can.

7. Set up WSQ program format and action list, and send out preliminary e-mails to gather content. Progress by Weds: Reviewed 40-page program, sent out prelim e-mails to 4 people requesting info/updates, worked on overall formatting.

8. Transfer photos from at least one of two dead computers. Nada.

What else is new? Not sure. Saw yellow-headed blackbirds earlier this week on my walk . . . along with a gaggle of fat Canada geese nesting down in a field of green, green grass, flocks of starlings, a robin or two, and one swallow. We still have lots of blossoms everywhere, but the pink cherry is nearly hidden by new green leaves.

If you want to see what I've been writing about for that A to Z Blogging Challenge, hop over to my writing blog. I've been writing about the research for my wip, Rivers of Stone.

"First Iris"
Taken by a friend in Corvallis OR
(March 2016)


  1. Best wishes for good news on DH's back. Too bad our bodies can't always keep up with our minds.
    Looks like you are still making forward progress on those goals. Keep it up.

  2. Well done you and I hope your thumb is getting better - sounds nasty. Thanks for your comments on my last eratic post; yes CampNaNo has been a good motivator this month. Thanks also for the advice on self publishing and good luck with your continuing goal progress.


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