Sunday, June 5, 2016

ROW80 check-in: If it's not midnight, it's still Sunday

Spent the night rooting for the Golden State Warriors. What a game of confrontation, sweet swishing basketball hoops, and sheer athleticism. I even know the name of some of the players. 

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard, some stuff got done between Wednesday and Sunday. I'm taking a page (post?) from Fallon Brown and will just say I'm thrilled to be nearly finished with the first real draft of Rivers of Stone, ready to start a serious read-through. 

Other stuff that got done? Got another chapter completed for the beta read I'm doing for an indie writer. Kept barely up with reading or any other writing. Still prepping for Thurs. presentation, one article needs one more paragraph, and I did tweet a few times. Finished another comfort quilt.

Goals for June 
(with thanks to Fallon Brown's clever organization)

Draft Granny Vampire, 1,000 words.
Send Rivers of Stone to 2 beta readers. 

Submit quilting article to The Country Register
Submit monthly WRITING CLINIC article to SASP Newsletter.
Blog Mon, Weds, Friday, and Sunday. Stay current with blog hops and ROW80 sponsor duties.

Mothers Don’t Die (Chapters 1-10).

Rivers of Stone (Chapters 1-20)
Read 3 chapters a week for Justice (beta read)

Read 10 books and write 2 reviews.
Read Orson Scott Card, Characters & Viewpoint and writing craft magazines x2.

Focus on audiobook marketing & newsletter.

Favorite inspiration for the week? Just knowing that ROW80 writers are out there working away -- as are those folks on Facebook's 10 Minute Novelists. Stop by and check out what we're doing. Join in. And write!


  1. Love your organization. I am sure you will whip right through that neat list of goals. Best wishes!

  2. Wish I could be as organised as you Beth. Haven't done anything for ages. Family stuff keeps me down a bit. But that's just an excuse...


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