Sunday, January 15, 2017

ROW80: Sunday morning and no snow!

Yesterday we drove through the coastal range to the Oregon coast on an exceptionally sunny day. Yes, there were patches of snow here and there, and it was 28F outside, but by the time we negotiated the last curve and reached the ocean, temps had warmed to the 40's and the snow disappeared.

We've now been one week on the road, enough for a rhythm to set in. I wake early, write/edit, then we scrounge breakfast. By 11, we're back on the road, neither of us feeling very leisurely until perhaps today, with glorious views of the ocean ahead as we continue south.

Today's report for A Round of Words in 80 Days is simple. 

While my goal is very modest, just 1,000 words a week, I'm editing -- which means taking out as many words as I'm putting in. If I count hours, I'm on schedule. Words this week? 699 new words (before today's session), but yesterday I deleted nearly 1,000. 

Perhaps this draft I'm working on is rather like the road we're traveling. Parts ahead are unknown and sometimes bumpy, but behind me, the way is smooth and known. But if I focus on word count alone, I do get discouraged. So I'm adding chapters (4 completed this week).

Writing goal for the coming week: Write/edit/add 1,000 words and/or 4 more chapters for this section (25 chapters) of Rivers of Stone. Post an update to ROW80 on Sunday. Blog at least once on the travel blog.

Staying active in ROW80 keeps me focused, thanks to seeing what others accomplish. So, persevere. I'm sitting in an anonymous hotel room, my computer balanced on a chair, nearly ready to go to work -- and sending wishes for a good week to all!

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  1. It sounds like you have a relaxed trip planned, lots of time to write and edit and take in the sights. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, I miss the Oregon Coast! My Accomplice (the Oregon boy!) and I are partial to Florence, with its dunes and lovely, not-crowded beaches.

    I can't imagine using a word count to measure revision. I've used time before, or scenes and chapters. Now, though, I'm moving through Holly Lisle's revision class, and, at least until I internalize the process, I'll be measuring by which lesson and worksheet I'm on (Right now; 2A). That will be a better measure for me, since the class works largest problems to smallest, rather than working through the manuscript in a linear fashion, the way I've done most of my revisions to this point.

    May your drive be safe and lovely, and the new climes along the way inspire you!

  3. Sounds like you're having a good trip.

    Tracking word count during revision can be discouraging. I definitely like using chapters instead. Good luck this week.

  4. You are still making progress and that's what counts in my book! Best of luck for this week.


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