Sunday, February 26, 2017

ROW80: Last Day in Yuma

Still feeling weak and slow to recover from that illness earlier this week, but today's check-in has me reporting steady progress.

I really enjoyed reading Lisa Ann Verge, Heaven in His Arms, an engaging historical romance set in Canada about 200 years before my story. 

What drew me into the story was her deft and sensual descriptions of history and culture. I can work more on this skill in my own writing by reminding me to slow down to recount sense-based description that captures what my characters are seeing and feeling.

But here's a question: I tend to sidestep the erotic. My characters may kiss, but when they go to bed, I draw the curtain. Verge takes us very close to the intimacy characters share. I've never written any truly erotic scenes. How do you handle how much 'heat' to add to your story?

ROW80 Progress Week 8: 

1. Wrote 1,139 words. Now editing Chaps 4-6 (Section 4).
2. Posted promo for Spokane Authors March 2 meeting.
3. Some quilting, but not enough to consider this real progress.
4. Drafted part of article for Country Register

Have a great week. I'm hoping for good energy for us all and lots of words in the coming week. 

My goals are simple as we move to Week 8: Write at least 1,000 words and continue to edit/revise Section 4 of Rivers of Stone.


  1. Hmm... "Heat", as you call it, tends to be very character dependent. Some characters are quite brazen about their sexuality, while some are far more reserved. Some have told me I don't need to even know about it, let alone write about it... while others don't mind my knowing but want nothing to go beyond the world of drafts. And others... I swear they are exaggerating. ;-)

    Sorry you've been sick. It does seem to be the time of year for that, doesn't it? Hopefully the progress will be close to complete by the time you read this.

    1. Thank you, Eden, for tying the 'heat' to the character -- this makes the whole process of thinking about erotica much simpler, for it takes me back to my main character, and I know that while she may be attracted to others, she's married and on a quest! Your analysis made me smile -- and yes, I'm getting better. Best, Beth

  2. I really shy away from sexuality in my love scenes. So far the most hot and steamy scene I've written is where the protagonist rests his hand on the woman's cheek. But my hope is that by not writing about it, I am building that much more sexual tension. I don't know. I'm hoping that later on in my current WIP that I can at least get them to kiss!

    I'm glad to be back at ROW80, playing by my own rules, though, as my schedule permits. I hope to at least be on track once in awhile.

    Take care, Beth.

    1. Thank you, Chris, for commenting, for the real tension in our stories comes from conflict, which sometimes, just might be sexual. Most of the time, I'm like you and sidestep sexuality, though in one scene, my characters did get carried away at a beach. Glad to see you back and active with ROW80. Real life does throw us a variety of curves (my challenge this week was having my computer go down while we're on the road!). Have a great week!

  3. Glad you're on the mend!
    Ooh, set it Canada, now I'm intrigued.
    I tend to enjoy writing the full bedroom scenes, even if they don't always go into the final draft, since it all depends on the type of story. But I only write them if they're true to the characters and their voices, not if they're not necessary for the story...


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