Sunday, March 19, 2017

ROW80: Sunday check-in at home

Today's Sunday. Time to check-in for ROW80, A Round of Words in 80 Days. 

My sister called this afternoon. It's 92 F in Tucson, quite a lovely comparison to Spokane's 37 F this morning. Guess we got a high of 54 F today. Not too bad for closing in on spring. Here's a pic of the wetlands near our house. Yep, that's snow on the ground, but I did see a few red-winged blackbirds.

We're still exhausted from our trip, still recovering from colds, but I did get a little more done this week (including mopping the kitchen floor). 

  • Wrote 1,600 words this week, revising and writing. Got some research done as well to resolve some dratted questions. It's summer, 1846, and Cat is slogging through mosquito-infested plains, somewhere south of Winnipeg.
  • Reviewed marketing materials and goals: 3 hours.
  • Wanted to resume exercise 3x this week. Walked 30 min/2x.
  • Completed promo for Spokane Authors.
  • Highlight: Met with writing group for the first time for wonderful, critical feedback.
  • Shelved Quilt Fiesta article as it's simply too bland.
For the week ahead, still keeping it simple as I seem to run out of stamina each day, especially in the afternoon, so more writing, more work on marketing, and that's about it!

I hope all you writers are working hard, meeting your goals, and enjoying each day. Thank you, Eden and Shan, for continuing to keep us organized! Check out what we're up to (or join in) on Facebook HERE or at our website LINKY HERE. And have a great week!

Upper Fort Garry on the Red River, now Winnipeg
Catriona arrives here August, 1846
That stone wall is 15' high!


  1. Looks like you made some good progress this week, Beth. Good job.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Fallon. Even a little progress feels good and I'm feeling healthy again . . . finally!


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