Sunday, October 21, 2018

ROW80 Sunday and a quilty check-in

I'm looking at another intense week ahead. Beautiful sunny fall days. Temperatures in the 60's during the day, down to the 30's at night. No rain until Thursday (useful as we're packing). Not as much time for writing as I would like. I keep getting distracted by those rooms that yet need to be put into a box before we move on November 1. 

Today I worked our annual quilt show here in Spokane (over 400 quilts) and was inspired by some amazing quilts (see below). I also have a few new ideas for comfort quilts. 

Have you ever eaten an 'island burger'? Just add a thick slice of pineapple to your favorite hamburger. Because this coming week will be full of packing, I'm thinking crock pot.

Here's my progress for last week: 
Making progress. 
No progress . . . yet!

WRITING for this week: Seventh Tapestry. 993/1,000 words. Family History 0/500 words. OctPoWriMo: 0/5 poems. Blogging: 2/3 posts. Subbed first chapter to NOVELS-L. Completed  2 crits. 

COMMUNITY. Read & comment on blogs ROW80, IWSG, WIPpet: 5/8 posts

MARKETING: Organize marketing binder. Schedule 1 Book Club/reading. Develop wrap around for Book Bub promotion. 

OTHER: TOP PRIORITY: Move to first floor apartment from third floor apartment approved effective Nov 1, so PACK!!!  Making steady progress. Finished packing books, some 40 boxes.

OTHER: Keep e-mails <100. Read BELL x2 chapters this week. Other reading: 3/3 books (romantic suspense). Wrote 1 review. Finished quilt for family. Made backing. Continue work on next comfort quilt.

Two quilts from the Washington State Quilters annual quilt show that inspired me by their sheer artistry:

This exquisite art quilt by Charlene Lord is called "It's Not the Destination in Life That's Important."

David McLaughlin designed this second quilt. He is colorblind and used the shades to guide him. He calls the pattern a French Braid and used batiks to build his 'braid'. 

May your writing bring beauty and inspiration to yourself and to your readers!

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  1. Replies
    1. We're almost to Wednesday and still packing!!!!

  2. As usual you are making progress. It's so hard to get much done when you have one looming goal - the move!
    Also, I've never had an "island burger", but I don't eat hamburgers, so that probably wouldn't happen. But it sounds good to have the pineapple on a bun with all the fixin's, minus the burger!
    Love the quilts too!!


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