ROW80: My Goals by the Year

2016 GOALS for A Round of Words in 80 Days, an online writing community which encourages writers to set measurable goals, check in twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays), and to connect with other writers to celebrate, commiserate, but, above all, to support our writing. 

Progress updated December 29, 2016.

Writing/Research: Complete all revisions on Rivers of Stone and publish in 2016. Ditto for Mothers Don't Die. Write pretty consistently 6 out of 7 days each week. UPDATE:  As I wrote and edited Rivers of Stone, I found the structure of the novel unwieldy. Revising at this level meant a different, difficult to measure progress. But the sections of the book are now connected with final revisions set as the goal for 2017. Did not touch Mothers Don't Die. Wrote most weeks 6/7 days, except for this last month.

Blog 3-4 times each week on writing, travel and ROW80 blog. Maybe, just maybe put together another poetry book with photographs. And maybe write a novella capturing the rest of Moira and Dylan's story. UPDATE: Blogging has dropped to 4-5 times a month. No work on poetry book at all. Just a few notes on that novella.

Reading: Read at least 2 books each month related to writing craft, research, and marketing. Plan research trip to Corpus Christi (February 2016) and Toronto (summer 2016). UPDATE: The trip to Corpus went well, but we cut short the trip to Toronto (health). No real progress on reading writing craft books.

Community: Read and review 1-2 indie books each month. Interview 1-3 indie authors for blog. Meet commitments to ROW80 as sponsor. Participate more fully on GoodReads, Twitter, and my Facebook Author Page. Continue active participation in Spokane Authors. 
UPDATE: Finally belong to a writers' F2F group (small) that nurtures my writing. Still committed to building community for writers. Need a better tracking system so I can easily see progress as I have read some indie books (and reviewed them) and blogged as well. How many? Another goal for next year!

Marketing: Continue outreach to bookclubs. Update websites.  Develop marketing plan that works for me. Send out quarterly e-mail newsletter. Volunteer for 1-2 workshops. UPDATE: Need better progress here with planning and events.

Other: Continue decluttering and downsizing all else, keep e-mails under 100, finish 1 comfort quilt a month and at least 3 personal quilt projects. Continue 2016 as that year I learn to balance healthful cooking/eating with exercise. And most important, cherish each day with family and friends. 
UPDATE: Steady progress here. E-mails down to 10-15 awaiting attention, lovely comfort quilts made. Need improvement in exercise and all that follows (meal planning!). 

Longwood Gardens (Spring 2014)

May 2016 bring you good ideas, time to write, and a quiet place to get those words out!

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  1. Your quilting goals alone sound ambitious--adding all those words, too... I'm highly impressed. :)
    Your idea about supporting the writing community is also interesting to me.
    Here's to success in meeting all our most ambitious desires. :)


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