Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weds April 24: ROW80 Update

We're closing in on the end of April -- and the end of NaPoWriMo and the A to Z Challenge. But, here's some progress this week:

WRITING: Finally got some real writing done. No real numbers, but dug into read-through of Section 3 of Years of Stone, made notes, did some revision. Feel good about progress. Now will do the same for Section 2 by Sunday.

BLOGGING: Doing reasonably well with a poem-a-day. But when people really like a poem, I find it a little intimidating because poetry still is very private for me, a kind of meditation. Still posting a recipe a week on the travel blog (and enjoying that!).

MARKETING: Actually worked on the Book Club questions! GOAL: Finish these and post by Sunday. Used Writer's Market 2013 to revise my current market plan. I found much more specific information on pre-launch of any title.

PUBLISHING: Still working on that list of indie publishers. Went through another 24 potential publishers of historical fiction and identified 3 possible subs. All sound like they have a long (minimum of 4 to 6 month) turn-around.

WASHINGTON STATE QUILTERS. GOAL: Complete article by next Weds for magazine deadline May 1. Finish research on contemporary quilts. Get permissions to use photos.   By Sunday send update on quilt show to webmaster.

PERSONAL: Still no luck on pulling photos from CDs to a flash drive. By next Weds, I hope to have some answer on this. Happily shredded many useless documents. Spring has finally sprouted here in eastern Washington. Made a BIG pot of Maklouba for this week's recipe. That was fun. Hubby better, so all's well in my world.

May your ROW80 goals and writing go well in the coming week.

Spring at Manito Park (Camp 2012)

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