Sunday, August 30, 2015

ROW80: Beginning in the middle

We are just back from a three week research trip to Canada, in which we traversed mountains, drove through a snowstorm past the Columbia Icefields, hiked along river-cut canyons in Banff and Jasper, and generally exhausted ourselves at several museums. But we've found really useful materials -- that will take time to process and assimilate. 

View hiking along Marble Canyon,
Kootenay National Park, Canada (Camp 2015)

In short, I've done no writing and limped along on my other commitments. So, today begins anew with goals for Round 3 of ROW80. For the coming week:

WRITING: 250 words a day on Rivers of Stone (current wip). 1 hour a day on research notes.Continue work on hubby's Vietnam War novel, Reaching (cover, final formatting) for e-pub November 2015. 

OUTREACH: Read ROW80 posts x5, INWG x5. Read and review/comment for indie writers David McChesney and Bill Weldy.

OTHER: Read 200 pages John C. Jackson, Children of the Fur Trade. Work on lap quilt, exercise 5x/week, attend Spokane Authors monthly meeting (this coming week), and attend Pillow Case Day sew-in Sept 10. Make progress on WSQ program by interviewing and editing.

We came home to find smoke everywhere from the runaway fires here in Washington. Yesterday's high windstorms added heavy dust, but this morning, I am thankful for a cleansing rain (and temperatures to the low 70s). May you have a good week!