Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ROW80: Wednesday???

We're near the end of Round 2 for A Round of Words in 80 Days. Well, I'm still trying to fall into the rhythm of reporting in on Sunday AND Wednesday, so I'm not stopping now!

Writing: +350 on Tapestry by Weds (Goal 1,000/this week). May get another session in tonight.

Revision: Yes! Actually revamped the back matter in Standing Stones and uploaded the new version to KDP. Up next? New back matter for Rivers of Stone AND Years of Stone. Apparently, a key marketing spot in your Kindle book is right after 'the end.' That's when we're supposed to ask the reader for a review -- and list our books (cover and blurb and link). Who knew?

Other major challenge for revision? Hubby (who is a brillliant and intrepid critic) is finally reading Rivers of Stone (out since November). Did he spot some areas that need revision? Of course. Am I making a list?

Marketing: One book club is now considering Rivers of Stone for their annual calendar. Two more local book clubs to contact. Musicians found for my July reading (much less stress). Until I get the back matter updated, I can't go ahead to schedule my BookBub ad. 

Other Stuff: Actually read/commented x5 for ROW80 posts. Reactivated my Spark People tracker to help me measure progress w/diet and exercise. Used cell phone waiting area at the airport for the very first time. What a time-saver. Actually made progress on reading: Finished National Geographic issue on race. Finished two books by Sandra Brown, writer of romantic suspense, and reading two others in the genre but with less emphasis on sex. Beginning a pile of research on controlling diabetes through weight loss, diet, and exercise (swimming and yoga).

And that's the rest of the story -- until Sunday. Have a very good week. Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing on the ROW80 BLOG or FACEBOOK page. See you there!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Round 2: Week 11: Busy Week, Happy Sunday

I'm trying to avoid ranting today about national politics, which have been a distraction all week. So, the key question for ROW80 writers is: What have we accomplished this last week?

  • Wrote +1,296 on Tapestry. I'm counting any word count over 1,000 as good. Still reading (2 books by Sandra Brown so far, well written and a little dark) and researching what's involved in 'romantic suspense'. One friend suggested she'd write the sex scenes, and then I found RJ Crayton's definition: "page-turning suspense with a touch of romance." So still researching and reading the genre.
  • Preparing for a major ad with BookBub. I ran across articles on the importance of 'back matter,' the need to update the afterword in your e-book with blurbs and links to other books, among other elements. In the process, I learned how to download the latest content for the e-book from Amazon. When I popped over to my writing blog, my book list there had not been updated with my latest book! Making real progress with updating that back matter for all three books and mapped out what I need to do before setting up the ad. Note: it does take real courage to commit to a BookBub ad, since the price has nearly doubled since 3-1/2 years ago, but the mailing list has also doubled. Wish me luck.
  • Evaluating how I set, track, and evaluate goals for ROW80. I suppose this is ongoing, but with the end of Round 2 looming, I really want to focus on how I keep global, monthly, and weekly goals in sync. It's far too easy to set aside, for example, marketing for writing. At least, for me!
  • Prep for mid-July reading at a local bookstore. Totally in flux as the musician bailed, but I'm working on this.
  • Energized by Jill Dearman's ideas about how to jump-start your writing with B-A-N-G. She says:
    • B = Begin with your strongest idea.
    • A = Arrange your material into a concrete form.
    • N = Nurture your project with love, so that others may love it too.
    • G = Complete your project and let it GO out into the world to live independently.
Other: If I tell you we found a walker in excellent condition for $20 at a garage sale, that will let you know the foot is not doing so well. I did swim x3 this week, but since eating comfort food is my main strategy for stress, I'm gaining weight. Big goal for the coming week and more (once the ice cream is gone): Strategize a way to lose 5 pounds by the end of July. 
PS: We also found this gorgeous oriental lamp that reminds me beautiful objects can bring harmony. Setting clear and accountable goals creates structure. And then, there's that old butt in chair. 

Have a Happy Sunday and a very good week. Check out what other ROW80 writers are doing on the ROW80 BLOG or FACEBOOK page. See you there! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Round 2, Week 10: Sunday Catch Up!

Wish I could report tremendous progress, but some real work got done despite my lapse in checking in with ROW80.

What happened over the last two weeks?

  • Finally finished a major beta read (and learned much in the process).
  • My dear sister visited from Tucson, and I gained 10 pounds.
  • Wrote 400 words on family history and wrote about 800 words on The Seventh Tapestry.
  • Posted my writing blog for Insecure Writer's Support Group on which is easier -- writing a title or naming characters, and read other's posts x6.
  • Attended RWA-Inland NW workshop on how to use FaceBook ads.
  • Posted a review on Annette Drake's moving and cozy read: Return to Celebration House.
  • Started analyzing novels for romantic suspense elements. Found this lovely quote by Brenda Novak. She says there are two types of tension writers seek to create, "the tension found in an escalating romance, and the danger or ‘ticking time bomb’ found between the covers of a good suspense novel.”
  • Celebrated the 6-year-old granddaughter's birthday with sushi -- her request! And drove dear hubby off to hike the 60-mile Centennial Trail that follows the Spokane River. Here's the view at the end of his first day, some 9 miles later.
Near Bowl & Pitcher, Centennial Trail (2018)
So, what didn't get done? Still behind on reviews and with the writing. Maybe it's OK, and maybe I just need my very own retreat. When I skip writing for a few days, the story and the characters seem to fade. So back to reading James Scott Bell, Just Write and beginning each day with writing!

Round 2 is winding down. We'll take a little break on June 20 for A Round of Words in 80 Days, giving us a little time to assess our goals AND our progress.

You can go to the ROW80 BLOG or FACEBOOK page to see what others are doing. Have a great week!