Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday morning . . . Summer days, Fabric, and the Buddha.

Does everyone flinch at the end of another round? Those goals I set back in April seem so far away from what happened. Small progress this last week. Some writing, but not enough. My mantra shall be: Simplify! Simplify!

For the coming week, top priority remains:

---Continue revising Years of Stone (20 more chapters).
---Make final changes to The Mermaid Quilt for Smashwords.

As for the rest of the coming week:

---Continue writing warm-up experiment every day.
---Read 3 writing craft magazines (currently 3 mags behind).
---Contact indie bookstore re reading/presentation.
---Draft interview questions for guest post.
---Critique or sub 1x to NOVELS-L at The Internet Writing Workshop
---Update travel blog, writing blog.
---Exercise 4x a week. Yoga 2x this week. Daily walks with hubby.
---When all else fails, quilt, and, for heaven's sake, plan the meals before Tuesday (grocery shopping day).

Two events transpired to make this last week hectic.I helped two days at my daughter's garage sale. Whew! A grand letting go, running around, hauling boxes, and chasing that dear one-year-old who can almost crawl faster than I can run!

The second: A fabric sale at the Fairgrounds. A family held this fabric sale, the 'stash' of a lifelong quilter who somehow morphed into a fabric hoarder. How could one person accumulate so much? Two giant rooms were filled with several thousand bolts at $2/yard. Thousands of bundles of cut fabrics, hundreds of kits and partially finished quilts. Fabrics arranged by color. By theme. Sewing notions. Patterns. Quilting books.

I was there the first day. Stood in line for 40 minutes with hundreds of quilters and bargain hunters. Returned the second day to no line at all, still many, many lovely selections. I stayed within budget but such an excess makes me think of how many projects I now have. Oh, but I found matching fabrics for three charity quilts. This is nearly worse than writing. So many choices, directions, possibilities. Tropical birds and fishes. Mermaids. Batiks. Blue fabrics. I was not exactly practical in my choices. What treasures and pleasures.

And then I turn to K. M. Huber's blog this morning: "On Again, Off Again Buddhism" with her reminder that nothing stays the same. Her post brings calm and renewed appreciation for this day. We at ROW80 plan, set goals, and strive to reach them. But each day is itself new.

Even quilters and writers balance the 'now' of making something beautiful with the reality that change is constant. That life is about embracing and letting go.

In the same moment.


  1. The end of this post is both philosophical and poetic. I too appreciate the message taken from K. M. Huber's post... and thank you for bring it here. Best of luck with your quilting and writing and exercising... you are busy!

    Shah X

  2. I sew - clothes, not quilts - but still, it would be scary to think what I'd come home with, from a sale like that! Off to check out KM Huber's post, and the Have a great week, and see you next round!

  3. You have a long list of goals there! Good luck. Do what you can, and don't sweat it. Rejoice in each one you check off. :)

    Funny you should mention planning your meals before shopping day. I went to the store today with NO plan in mind and spent well over $100 on...what? I'm not sure. LOL


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