Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weds Update: Three forward, One back . . .

Warm sun. High of 78 today. Here's my Weds update -- short and sweet: 

WRITING: Write 500 words or work 2 hours a day. UPDATE: Hitting the goal every day, perhaps partly because a ROW80 kind soul recommended -- No prompts here, just a blank page and a goal of 750 words a day. 

Making steady progress on Section 1. Still haven't received critiques of the opening but they should arrive by Friday, and I got very useful editing strategies from my harshest critic that reminded me to:
  1. Emphasize the five senses for greater reader involvement
  2. Keep checking "camera movement" to make sure focus on characters remains consistent
  3. Watch out for editorial comments or too much back story prematurely
  4. Keep working on letting Deidre's forceful personality reveal itself through action and dialogue
 Haven't touched Afterword . . . yet.

ONLINE:  Blogs: Update travel blog and writing blogs. UPDATED both blogs, but not the topics I anticipated! For the travel blog, I ended up writing about Chris Andersen (Bird Man) and basketball. For the writing blog, Kristen Lamb's writing advice seemed a perfect fit for this week's work. For those folk who might spend years revising and editing, she advocates following R-TUTE (Resist the Urge to Edit).

Keep working on transferring photos from CD's to flash drive. UPDATE: No progress on transferring photos BUT I sent a batch of photos as possible covers for both books in process to my graphic design friend. Also added a page (finally) on Years of Stone to my writing blog -- with photos. Staying current with ROW80 reads and appreciate every single person who reads my posts. Thank YOU.

STILL NEED TO DO: Do a critique for NOVELS-L. Currently reading Ruth Nestvold’s SF collection.  Also catch up on 3 writing craft magazines.

MARKETING: Updated description of The Mermaid Quilt on Barnes & Noble (proof that Amazon's wider distribution has kicked in). Still following a price drop on Amazon they said they would fix. This reinforces the importance of doublechecking online book listings now and then to make sure all prices are accurate. This also means the paperback version of The Mermaid Quilt through Amazon is now $3.41 instead of $5.99 -- a bargain IF you want to take advantage of the price glitch. Also found out enough about ISBNs to decide just to go with the  freebie through CreateSpace.

STILL NEED TO DO: Draft marketing article/post. Call local indie bookstore and our library re Mermaid presentation/reading.

OTHER: Work on WSQ at least ONCE each day. Priorities:  Education project. Presence online. Prep for board meeting next week. UPDATE: Still not making this goal, but I did get some quilting done. 

Possible photo for cover for Standing Stones
Ring of Brogar, Scotland (Camp 2009)

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  1. I love that 500-750 words a day idea. It's like daily exercise that keeps your writing muscle in shape. And those editing tips are marvelous. Thanks for sharing them!

    Best wishes with your WIP. It sounds like you're plugging along nicely with it. Hope you have another great ROW80 week!


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