Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday check-in, sort-of . . .

Today's the last day of the quilt show. All else has gone to the devil's dust bowl, that place under the bed where I hide what I don't want to look at.

Truly, very little writing, revising, social media, marketing, has happened this week EXCEPT for a poem a day for OctPoWriMo (on my writing blog) and this trial meme, inspired by Cindy Dwyer's link to The Blood-Red Pencil. So here's my first draft meme for my forthcoming Standing Stones. What do you think?

Have you made a meme? This kind of meme is increasingly being used to provoke interest in a book that's already out. Writers post them on websites and Facebook, and maybe GoodReads. I don't know as I'm just starting to find out about this format used to support a book launch.. But it also might be the beginning of a promotional video.

I simply used Word and inserted a text box, then used 'prt scrn' to move it over to my freebie photo program (Irfanview) to create a JPG. Does that sound easy?

I'll be back on Weds to give a more complete check-in for ROW80, but if we're to have fun with our writing, making this first trial meme was fun!

Read my poems for October at my writing blog or jump to Octpowrimo to read what others have written.

Read "Use Memes to Promote Books" at The Blood Red Pencil.


  1. I like the meme idea. Thanks for sharing it! Yours looks cool. Have a lovely week, Beth!

  2. I agree with Julie. The book meme is a cool idea. As for the rest, don't be too hard on yourself. Life happens.
    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

  3. Thank you both for your encouraging comments. I'm hoping this week brings a return to a somewhat normal schedule. I can say with certainty the quilt show is over, my daughter, though still using a wheel chair, has graduated to a cane for short bursts, and my office does not look like pure chaos. I have hope!


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