Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just one thing . . .

Sometimes the holidays can get a little frenetic. So Rick Hanson's newsletter essay on imperfection lightened this week for me and lessened my guilty-face about not quite reaching this week's goals.

Rick talks about the anxiety we generate when we worry about our work/actions not being perfect and how to "let the broken cup be a broken cup." He doesn't tell us not to strive for professional standards, but he does encourage us to think more expansively, with less self-absorption, with less negativity.

And so I do what I can for those I love and will sweep aside the 'should'.

My Wednesday check-in for ROW80 is very simple. Yes, I have made some progress with writing and reading and preparing to publish, but my heart sings because my daughter came home from the hospital today in some pain but healing and really OK, my husband brought me coffee at 8 am (a true gift since it involved a drive and not a few steps to the kitchen), and my African violets continue to blossom -- despite cold, cold weather outside. Time now to draw. Tomorrow I'll write.

May your week be a good one.

Read Rick Hanson's essay:  "Just One Thing: Is Everything Perfect?"

76 China Screen 17thC
Chinese Screen, 17th Century (Camp 2004)
Prince Albert's Museum, London


  1. That is a beautiful screen and I'm so glad to hear your daughter's home and on the mend! Hope you have a good week too!

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts! One day at a time seems a perfect pace right now!

  2. I love the Chinese screen. I love the idea that some artisan created it centuries ago and we still treasure it. Praying for your daughter's recovery.

    1. Thank you, Kathrese, I like to think that art and nature are here to nourish our spirits. Rachel is doing so much better each day. Baby steps!


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