Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Check-in, sorta . . .

Good progress to report this Weds check-in, but I'm posting from a different computer, as mine somehow caught the dragon of all nasty malwares (something called win32.genloader). I can't even get onto Chrome with my little netbook.

So just a reminder to back up as you go.

Hopefully by Sunday, my little netbook will be all better. And writing, commitments to blogging and marketing will be back on track. Two kind folks said "yes" to reviews. Standing Stones is now up on Kindle and CreateSpace with book orders placed. Official launch date will be mid-February, somewhat later than I hoped, but that's when my copies arrive. Meanwhile, I'll be on the phone to the computer gurus tomorrow morning.

May all malware stay far from your bits and bytes.

Sonoran Desert (Camp 2012)
This tree somehow survived the Sonoran Desert with a gnarled, twisted bark to protect the tree from the sun and very tiny leaves to absorb any moisture. Sometimes we writers take unexpected twists to reach our goals.


  1. Yikes! That's awful news about the Malware. I thought I was bad enough accidentally rebooting to 'as new' (deleted everything) or breaking parts... I hope you manage to return it to full health!

    1. Thank you, Callie. I dropped off my little netbook at the computer guru's shop today and should have it back in a day or two. What was most fun was trading in my old mousepad for a new mermaid mousepad they'd had for 7 years!

  2. 2nd try here hope you don't get 2! bad luck with malware - haven't yet thought of a punishment to fit the crime for those people:)

    all the best for rest of week:)

    1. Hi, Alberta. Thank you for persevering. I didn't think of a punishment, for it was my own stupidity for hitting the wrong box and just clicking without thinking! All else goes well.


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