Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weds check-in: Nattering away.

We're a week into the New Year and so far, ROW80 goals for Round One and my office are admirably well organized. Big achievement, ordering the CreateSpace proof, so it should arrive within the week for that final proof of Standing Stones. I'm excited and yet . . .

I have written nothing this year.

OK, one little poem.

Maybe because I'm caught between three major projects.

But I did find this inspirational quote this morning from The Writer (Feb 2014):

  • "Every romance has to have a black moment when the hero and heroine (and therefore the reader) believe that love is absolutely impossible. The deeper, darker and blacker this moment, the more satisfying the ultimate happily-ever-after ending." Hope Ramsay was quoted in a side bar.
Which makes me wonder if I have brought my characters to that blackest moment. 

Goals for the coming week:
  • Write something, even if it's wrong. Go for 1,000 words of something by Sunday.
  • Write an inspirational piece for ROW80 (have a few ideas kicking around, wabi sabi being my favorite) by Jan 10.
  • Have fun working on a book trailer for Standing Stones.
  • Read 30 pages in Pathfinder by Sunday for Rivers of Stone and continue with Writing Down the Bones.
  • Write one book review, a blog on reading for the writing blog (Why I read romance books?), and post on Egypt for the travel blog.
  • Update GoodReads.
Motivational TIP for the week: I have two pages of goals for this round, set up in a Word table with three columns, oganized by goal, action steps, and deadlines by five categories (writing, blogging, reading/research, community, and other. In the past, this table has resided on my computer, invisible unless that computer has been turned on. OK, so I printed my goals out. Sounds like a rather small thing. But when I'm wondering what I could be working on, that printout helps.

What's your motivational tip for the week?

Here's a photo from Moyan Breen that shows a storm coming in. The contrast between that red sky and the intense blue sea reminds me that we cannot always tell when a storm is coming, but a part of us knows and remembers.

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  1. I love that quote about the "black moment" in a romance. So true! All stories need that moment where our hearts are in our throats because we don't know how the characters will ever get out of this mess. It really does give their happily ever after more meaning.

    If I had a motivational tip, I suppose it would be to balance setting challenging goals for ourselves with being forgiving when we don't reach our goals. Modern life is busy and can pull us in many directions, but as long as we're making progress, we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. I think beating ourselves up over failure only makes us more likely to fail in the future.

    Good luck with your ROW80 goals this round!

    1. Thank you, Denise. I appreciate your motivational tip to cherish the journey as much as the accomplishments along the way. This week I'm pulled away from writing and yet remain committed to reaching these reasonable goals.May your own week go well!


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