Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just an amazing writing week . . .

The week started off with a bang . . . bumped through Wednesday with a thud, and now, back on track!

Monday was truly amazing with my launch party. Not only was the two-hour launch at my favorite local coffee shop really fun, but between 30-35 people came out, and the event cost me nothing (unless I count all the hours to write the book!). Read my tips here, and I hope you have a wonderful party whether you self-publish as I did or go with an indie publisher.

Tuesday, the new computer arrived. Here comes the thud. One computer guru said get Windows 8.1. The other said to stick with Windows 7. I opted for the new and wonderful. Got the system up and running and within 5 minutes (count each precious one), our entire wireless system shut down.

Of course, since Dell and Windows have both gone paperless, all the documentation is on line. Now began the service call marathon. Dell said it was the router. Contact your internet provider. Microsoft had shut down its call lines. I could chat online, though. Hehehe. The call to Comcast had us talking to Idaho and Arizona. We were wireless once again! Until I turned on the new system. Boom! All down once again. Within 5 minutes. The next three hours passed very slowly as we worked with Comcast again and again to restore internet.

Wednesday, Comcast sent a service tech out. After an hour and a half with this kind service tech doing strange and wondrous things to my new Dell, internet AND the new system worked fine. For the next hour and a half.

Thursday, the new Dell went back to the factory by UPS, and we ordered a new Dell with Windows 7. They did offer me $80 to keep the Dell with Windows 8.1, but how could I keep a computer that took down my wireless network every time I turned it on? To say I'm not a fan of Windows 8.1 is a serious understatement.

So, did I get any writing done at all? Here's my ROW80 check-in:

WRITING: I'm using to plunk away on Rivers of Stone. This week saw a real breakthrough as I moved from research to writing scenes (4,000 words this week so far). One supporting character did not feel real at all, so I used Noah Lukeman's The Plot Thickens to explore the character and then write micro-scenes. I'm not sure I've gotten the restless teenager down, but I'm closer. When I think about this character, he feels real to me now.
For the coming week:
---Read Years of Stone and map out editing goals (publish April). No progress last week.
---Research and write micro-scenes for Rivers of Stone. Good progress here. Continue, but I'm wondering if I can really work on two major writing projects at the same time. Can I separate writing from critical reading? Maybe . . .
---Post at least once on writing and travel blogs. Done and continue! My travel blog features favorite pictures from the Africa trip.
---Post ROW80 on Weds this week and include Wednesday WIPpets! Thank you for your encouragement, Eden.

READING/COMMUNITY: Slow progress here. I jump to junk reading under stress and finished something that could be called Holly Takes a Holiday (I really don't like to confess my sins). So I'm still reading Freud's Mistress (a little kinky, but fascinating) and Olivia, Mourning (just fascinating).
---Post reviews for both books I'm reading on GoodReads. Participate in GoodReads' forums.
---Attend writers' group to try to set some guidelines for more productive readings. Crit the sub sent to me that I missed.
---Rejoined The Internet Writing Workshop and critted one sub. Crit another this week. Maybe send a sub from Rivers of Stone.

MARKETING:  Does it count that I held the book launch and wrote it up?
---Meet with event coordinator at Barnes & Noble (have called several times . . . persevere).
---Update Amazon's Author Central. Please!
---Follow up on pending book club visit and contact one more local book club.

OTHER: I'm trying to make a commitment to doing yoga at least once or twice a week. Swimming kicks in fine at 3 x a week, and we're walking 3-4 x a week, but dear hubby is on a diet and doing very well. I can't have him weigh less than I do. Secret so far: vegetarian most of the time, smaller portions, and salad at night for a snack.

May the week go well for you. 

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your computer woes. As much as my laptop is bugging me - sooo slow and running out of memory, I am terrified to get a new one. Hope your new one continues to work for you. And congrats on your book launch. Sounded like a success to me!

  2. Thank you, Chris! If I weren't running out of room (and the letters on my keyboard weren't vanishing), I'd be sticking with my cute little netbook as it's so easy to travel. My local computer guru said if I were over 50, stick with Windows 7. So, I'm like you -- hoping for the best.

  3. Computers . . . aren't they great? When they work the way we need them to at least. Sigh!
    All the best with your many endeavors this coming week.

    1. Thank you, Steph. Re computers, I feel as if what I know is just not quite what I need to know. The next challenge is finding out how to get rid of Frontier Arcade (it puts funny double blue lines under key words with added advertising). I don't even know how I got it! I don't play games on my computer -- well, except for FreeCell and Plants vs. Zombies. And I had to look up TTFN . . . may your week go well, and TTFN!


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