Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday check-in: The further I go, the farther I fall . . .

Snowing lightly out there still. Just a few snowflakes swirling in the morning light. But that fits right in my writing this week, as a flotilla of York boats is making its way down the Hayes River in the wilds of Manitoba. Enough to make me shiver and remember the first time I went whitewater river-rafting in a tiny boat. Some of the rapids have huge eddies called 'keepers' for if the boat goes down, the bodies don't pop up until spring melt.

ROW80 Progress this week:

WRITING: Thank goodness for for it helped me structure my writing every day this week. I'm now back to truly writing with over 5,000 words for the week on Rivers of Stone, thus breaking my intense preoccupation with proofreading and formatting that self-publishing entails. I did finish the Smashwords' author interview and updated layout for both blogs.
For the coming week:
--Write 750 words a day on Rivers of Stone
--Participate in WIPpet Wednesday this coming week!
--Post at least once on travel and writing blog this week.

COMMUNITY/READING: Went to the library and found four books that I must read. Keeping up with ROW80 check-ins and reading what others have posted. Updated GoodReads. Will post reviews as I finish each one (Freud's Mistress, The Daughters of Mars, and The Ambitions of Jane Franklin). And I have twittered this week (a friend tells me 1-2x a week is not enough, but I'm just not sure I can go over 2x).
For the coming week:
--Attend Weds writers group with writing excerpt.
--Post at least ONE review on GoodReads this week.
--Post a new meme on my author page on Facebook.
--Check out the writing groups on FB.

MARKETING. Is that mantra "Just one 'marketing' thing every day" working? Yes! And the first review for Standing Stones has been posted on Amazon -- a 5 star review (makin' me so happy).I have posted requests for reviews on GoodReads twice now (no takers -- yet). Will try FB. I've been invited to visit one local book club so that packet is ready to drop off on Monday. The biggie: Posted a giveaway on GoodReads (with excerpt) that will run Feb 10-Feb 28.
--Schedule celebration party for end of February and send invites. (Violinist said yes!)
--Contact local bookstores x2 with press release.
--Send press release to local newspapers.
--Post info re Standing Stones on FB writers' groups.
--Update Amazon Author Central page.

Quilting is taking second place to the writing this week . . . but I did finish the top to the charity quilt. Five women made squares from scraps; I have enough for two twin-bed sized quilts!. I love these bright colors and 'wonky' design. Perfect with a turquoise flannel backing for someone who has to spend time in a hospital.

Can't wait to see what everyone's doing.

Morgan Dragonwillow is starting a writing project to gather words of wisdom (poetry, essays, fiction) from 50 women over 50. Interested?

I hope you are all warm (no power outages), your computers are working, and your fingers are flying over that keyboard! Have a great week!

Any words of wisdom on marketing to share? What works best for you?


  1. Wow, what a beautiful quilt! I've only made a quilt once in my lie -- and now my ex has it. *g* (But we're actually friends again these days, so it's all good.)

    Great progress on the next book, Beth, and great news about the marketing. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Ruth, for your good wishes. Quilting is rather like writing, only it's one block at a time. :) Maybe you'll try quilting once again. My favorite quilt, a nap quilt, is smaller and uses Laurel Burch fabrics for a vibrant, easy mermaid quilt.

  2. That's such a pretty quilt.
    Well done on all of the goals. What's your 750 words name? I'l follow you.

  3. Sounds like you're making great progress on all of your goals. I don't know that I have any marketing advice to share, but I'd be curious to hear what others have to say.

    Gorgeous quilt! I love the contrast in all of the colors. :)


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