Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weds ROW80 Check-In . . . At last!

Already January has flown by. I refuse to be daunted by the weather, despite my lack of experience in driving on icy streets in 7-degree weather. This morning, I went swimming, felt virtuous, and after class was over, threw my wet suit in the back of the car. Got home to find that swimsuit frozen!

But I'm still pretty happy. Got my computer back virus-free late last night. Just in time for the Weds check-in for ROW80. I didn't really realize how much I used my computer until I went without -- for five days! Here's my update:

WRITING: My biggest goal for this Round of ROW80 was to self-publish Standing Stones. Oh, my! This involved formatting my mss for CreateSpace, Kindle, and Smashwords. Amazingly, after three years of work, the book is now "out there", awaiting readers.

I've started seriously reading research and drafting micro-scenes for Rivers of Stone this week while waiting for copies of just-published Standing Stones. Identified two beta readers for Years of Stone (thank you, Carol and Angela , with one more prospect pending).

I didn't write anything at all on my blogs this week and fell behind on being a 'good' ROW80 sponsor (only read 3 other posts). But I did make a lovely video trailer (my first), and I'm writing 750 words a day. Goal for the coming week:
--Continue 750 words a day.
--Order cover for Years of Stone from pro_ebookcovers (fiverr).
--Update Amazon's author page and finish Smashwords author interview.
--Write posts for travel blog and writing blog by Sunday.
--Draft a guest post re process of either self-publishing or writing Standing Stones this week.
--Participate in WIPpet Wednesday each week. Starting next week!

COMMUNITY/READING. My goal to be more active in local writing and reading communities has fallen behind, partly due to the weather (see cowardly driving habits above), but I did set up an author Facebook page (with memes), and at the kind invitation of another writer, joined the Google group Historical Fiction. My quilting group is making wonderful progress. Our first charity quilt top is finished, second one started.
--Participate in Twitter and GoodReads 2x this week.
--Currently reading Goldberg's Writing Down the Bones at a glacial pace.
--Reading Paul Kane's Great Nor-West by Diane Eaton and Sheila Urbanek. Note: no reviews for this wonderful book online, so I'll post one this week.

MARKETING. Making progress here since Standing Stones went live without a single review! My shyness in asking for advance blurbs is biting me, but I have posted requests for reviews on GoodReads and FB. My goal to continue writing reviews for indie authors is more specific. I'm starting to feel a little better organized about marketing in general. I set up a notebook, organized into sections (marketing plan, readings, media kit, reviews/guest posts, sales, e-publishing). And I'm following that mantra: "Just one (marketing) thing each day. . ." So far, I'm in the middle of scheduling one reading, one bookclub visit, and one book signing.
--Write 1 review each week.
--Contact 1 additional book club this week.
--Contact 1 additional book store this week.
--Set up celebration party for book launch with music.

And that's all, folks. I'm wondering what you're up to, so will dive back into ROW80 posts.

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Check out Standing Stones online at amazon here.


  1. Congrats on Standing Stones, and I wish you all the best with marketing. It's so hard, and I have vowed to do a better job with my upcoming release. But, like you, I have a hard time asking for favors. Which is funny, because I'm always granting them (as my hubby says). Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you, Tia. I also have trouble saying "no" to folks -- and am currently reading a 100K beta read. Next time I'll ask YOU for a blurb! The strategy of "just one thing" is helping me at least move on the marketing. Best of luck with your new release.

  2. Congrats on your publication, Beth! It sounds like you have a lot of your plate. I look forward to learning more about your book, your publishing journey, and your ROW80 progress. :)

    1. Thank you, Denise. You've identified the problem! I put too much on my plate! But thank you for your words of encouragement. May your own writing go well.

  3. Yes, congratulations! The cover looks really good.
    From what my husband was told years ago, we belong to the Clan McNickel. Our son now lives in Scotland and his girlfriend gave us a beautiful scroll of family history for Christmas.
    At any rate, all the best with your plans for the week. (My co-author has contacts all over the world, helping me slide a little on the marketing end of things. :D)

    1. Ah for a co-author like yours! Thanks for your comments. I began this book not out of a family connection, but now I remember my grandmother telling me she was part Scots. But that's another project. I hope you can visit your family in Scotland one day. Inspiration there.


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