Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ROW80: The end of Round 1 . . . and the beginning!

Tomorrow marks the official end of Round 1 for ROW80, A Round of Words in 80 Days

2014 began for me with lofty goals -- two single-spaced typed pages in a lovely chart. With twice-weekly check-ins, I was ready to be productive AND accountable.

The reality is I accomplished only SOME of those goals. The biggie: Published and marketed Standing Stones. Made real progress in marketing skills: guest blogs, author interviews, e-mail campaigns, and book club readings and signings set. Kept reasonably current on my three blogs (writing, travel, and ROW80). Reached out to my local community of writers and made some wonderful connections. Continued to read and crit other writers' works.

But I am looking forward to this break between Round 1 and the next round to really sort through what is essential, what is possible, and what is closest to my heart.

What's most likely at the top of the list is working through final revisions for Years of Stone with publication for Summer 2014.

May the coming break between rounds be a good one for you. Check out what other Row80 writers have written HERE.


  1. Good evening, it has been an interesting 80 days. best of luck to your next Round.

    By the way thanks for the flash fiction writing advice. It will come in handy, in greasing the gears of the writing JuJu.

  2. Stepping back and taking account of what matters is good for the creative soul, Beth. It's so easy to get caught up in the rush, rush, rush of each day that the grand view gets hidden in the detritus and clutter of activity.

    Enjoy your few days off. We'll see next round, I hope.

  3. Congrats again on getting the book published, and good luck moving forward with the next one!

  4. You did great on your goals. I can't wait to read "Standing Stones". Best of luck next round.


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