Sunday, March 23, 2014

ROW80: The last Sunday for Round 3

Let's start with a little Yahoo! before settling down to goals. This Sunday, this morning, that is, today, I was featured in Annette Drake's Author Spotlight -- in which I reveal some writing tips and an excerpt from Standing Stones. Thank you, Annette!

About 2014 ROW80 Round 2: Somewhere, Kait Nolan wrote that the happiest ROW80 folks seem to be those with fewer goals. Maybe only three goals.

I can only report that when I look back on my two pages of goals for Round 1, my reach has far exceeded my grasp. So for Round 3, I shall simplify, simplify. I hope.

WRITING. Complete revisions on Years of Stone. Write on writing blog 2x a week. Write on travel blog 1x a week. Report in on ROW80 2x a week. Only IF inspired, draft scenes for Rivers of Stone.

READING. Read 4 books as research for Rivers of Stone. Read 4 indie/self-published books for review. Complete beta reads for no more than 2 authors. Read and crit minimum 2x/month in NOVELS-L on The Internet Writing Workshop. 

MARKETING. Continue researching and revising Marketing Plan. Work on marketing at least "one thing" each day. Prep for book signing at local bookstore AND book club visit in April.

COMMUNITY. Stay connected to other writers through GoodReads, Google+, Facebook. Participate in local writers groups at least 2x/month.

OTHER: Continue exercising 3x/week. When traveling, switch to Yoga. Try to meditate even briefly before each writing session. Note: This really clears my mind. Keep office reasonably organized. 

We will be traveling mucho this round, so take journal, camera, plan to draw, write poetry, and cherish each day! Hug those I love.

Rewards for all this? A peaceful, happy, celebratory life!

May Round 2 go well for you.

Looms, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul (Camp 2004)


  1. I hadn't thought about it that way, but having fewer goals probably leads to more focus which leads to less stress which, in the end, leads to a happier (and probably healthier) author. I've learned a lot in this first round, so I'm already planning on streamlining my goals for the next round.

    Good luck with the last couple days of round 1! It sounds like you've accomplished a lot so far this year.

    1. Thanks, Denise. My own tendency is to write out those goals, add supporting goals, think of all those tasks I'd like to get done, and then just flail away. I'm truly trying something different this next round. May your own writing and goal-setting go well.


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