Sunday, March 9, 2014

ROW80 Sunday check-in: Pure Recovery

It's humbling to have a cold. Low energy. Then climbing back up to face that 'to do' list without flinching. So for the coming week, my goals will be pared down:

--Continue reading Years of Stone for revision. Making notes. Goal:  80-100 pages complete.
--Post entries on travel blog x2, writing blog x1, and ROW80 blog x 2.
--Complete beta read x1.

--Participate on GoodReads, Twitter, and Facebook daily.
--Attend Weds writers' group.
--Participate in WIPpet on Wednesday.
NOTE: I'm always surprised by how many really helpful articles I find on Twitter. This week's find was ROW80's very own Shah Wharton's link to "Why I Suck at Book Marketing (& WHY You Do Too". I really liked this because Shah jumps into "why" our books will appeal to our readers.

--Work on e-mail alerts to targeted audiences. Write back to those who have written me!
--Review overall marketing plan and make notes.
--Take books to second bookstore here in Spokane.

Women's history month continues. I remember working in a bank in the late 1970s and being told, "We like your work, Beth, but we can't promote you. You're not wearing a tie."

At that point, I was without a college degree and spent my days training MBAs in international finance. The short story is I went home that weekend, dithered, and went back on Monday to resign. They promoted me, but I resigned three months later to return to school. Fast forward a few years, and I became an English teacher. Academia has its own world of issues, but I went into meetings where people said, "And what do you think?" (a refreshing change). Of course, it did take a while for me to shift gears from corporate meetings to this academic setting, but that's another story.

Picture of the day is a simply amazing small plaque called the Burney Relief for it shows the "Queen of the Night", most likely made about 4,000 years ago, from Mesopotamia. The symbols are lovely -- She faces us with hands raised in prayer, note the owls on each side (as are the predatory cats), the owls perhaps showing wisdom similar to the later Athena. I love her bird-like attributes -- the wings, the dew-claws and talons for feet. I first saw this by accident at the British Library, just came around the corner, glanced down, and there she was, contemplative, calm, very old, and still a very powerful image.

Burney Relief: "Queen of the Night"
British Museum (Wikipedia)
May your week go well. Stay healthy. Write good.

Challenge question: How do you use e-mail as a marketing tool?

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