Monday, June 23, 2014

ROW80 Check-in: Summing up with Strawberries

Outside my window, the cherries are ripening, but the birds haven't discovered them. Yet.

As this round ends, I'm feeling excited because Years of Stone is very near publication. But this brings me face-to-face with two issues. OK, three issues.

Writing. Like many, I'm finding it tough to write at the same time that I'm editing and formatting. I'm very close to being able to plunge into the next book (Rivers of Stone) and begin that heady process of researching and drafting BUT meanwhile, if that's a month or so away, what shall I write? Each of these would fill up the next month to six weeks. Please, please let me know what you think. Should I:

  • Finish off Mothers Don't Die (a thriller type, completely outside my genre of historical fiction, but still fun)?
  • Prepare Reaching for Kindle (a Vietnam war novel written by my dear hubby (DH) and have paper copy by his birthday in August)?
  • Write a companion wrap around travel journal on Scotland to accompany Standing Stones and Years of Stone?
Marketing. I feel like Sisyphus and the stone, one small task each day. I'm revamping the 'marketing plan' with a kind of count-down timeline and working on a media kit. Met two wonderful local writers who take marketing seriously and are willing to share what they learn. So, for the coming round, I will persevere.

Stamina. I usually have lots of energy, but this round DH's health is not at all good; he's become limited by pain. Because I begin at the crack of morning, I still have 2-3 hours a day for writing and writing projects. I don't know how to do anything differently than to try to keep all in balance (home, writing, exercise), but accepting mortality has never been easy. So as I think about goals for Round 3, I'm not at all sure what I can really achieve -- except to cherish each day and persevere. 

And go strawberry picking with my granddaughter when I can.

Strawberry-picking! (June 2014)
As you look at what you've accomplished for ROW80's Round 2, may you be inspired to jump into Round 3!

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  1. not sure that got through had red lights and sirens all around - well maybe not that bad:)

    first message said- your husbands book def. not only away from research therfore giving brain and imagination time to relax a bit and to be ready to bounce back when the time comes - but also and better still a great and fantastic birthday pressie:)

    1. Thank you, Alberta. I started transcribing yesterday and shall persevere. He usually guesses his presents, but this time, he'll be surprised! Hope those red lights and sirens do not reoccur.

  2. I think the book for your husband's birthday, too. What a lovely idea!

    As regards the media kit, you may already know about this, but Joel Friedlander sells a ready to go media kit on his site bookdesigntemplates (dot) com.

    I'm looking forward to Round 3. I just have to work out what I'd like my goals to be. :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa, for the tip on Joel Friedlander's media kit -- oh, but I am a DIY, rather like making the shoe that fits, as low cost as possible! But I will check him out. And yes, DH's project won out. It will be a race up to August.


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