Monday, June 2, 2014

ROW80 Monday morning check-in

Summer has finally arrived with 80 degree weather. No surprise. Best time to write is first and early in the morning. Later today, I'll have my interview up, a blog hop of sorts about writers, the inner life.

But what it comes down to is thinking, feeling, and writing. Focus. Not about writing, but writing.

We have three weeks left in this second round for A Round of Words in 80 Days, so I took another look at those ethereal goals I set nearly 3 months ago.

WRITING: I wanted to complete revisions on Years of Stone. Getting close. Comments from the last beta reader will be in shortly, and I'm 10% in on the final review. Write 300 words every day . . . So far, so good. This includes blogging 4-5x a week (not quite there). Need to write that A-to-Z Reflection piece.

MARKETING/PUBLISHING: Market "one thing" each day. Lagging here, but I'm getting more familiar with MailChimp and adding names. Visit one book club. Actually did two, learned a lot, and have questions for discussion ready to go (this is for Standing Stones). Sent 1 flash fiction out. Publish Years of Stone by end of June? Maybe.

READING/REVIEWING: Read 4 books as research for Rivers of Stone. Well, how about 1. Read 4 indie/self-published books for review. A little better here. 2 reviews done. Got sidetracked by ABNA and reviewed 8 writers there. Participated in Novels-L with 2x crits/month.

At this point, I want to throw up my hands and say, ROW80, how do we do this??? Social media? Twitter? Facebook? I haven't posted on my author page for weeks, so writing FB friends are part of family? That doesn't include the daily round of commitments to family, friends, work, and the household routine, perhaps exercise or a something just for fun? Somehow we make space for it all, yes? With heart?

Consider Victorian writers who retired to their study for 6 or 7 hours a day. That wouldn't be me.

This boundary I set
each morning is for writing:
as the sun rises, the rest falls away.

ROW80 writers: May your week go well. Summer beckons. Here's an image from Wikipedia, the Victorian era, a family at the beach.

"On the Shores of Bognor Regis" by A. M. Rossi (1887) Source: Wikipedia


  1. How do we balance it all? Constantly practicing, and never quite getting it right, at least that's my perspective on the matter. But it looks like you are making it work and coming along great with your goals. I agree with you: sometimes we just have to write. But it can be hard to stay on topic. I wish you focus and inspiration and a large word count. Cheers!

  2. I think we all wonder how we will do it all. I've decided that the main thing for me is to take baby steps and not kick myself when I can't even get that done. I have big long lists of goals and at the end of the day, I go, "Really? I didn't do any of that." Oh, well, all we can do is keep plugging along.

  3. I so hear you on 'how do we do it all?'! Writing a first draft, then polishing it up - herculean tasks in themselves - are no longer the only tasks a writer has to be comfortable with. Add to that that the message the world sends us is that it all needed to be done last month, and there's a recipe for a nervous breakdown. (Or maybe that's just me! Lol)

    I appreciated your comment on my blog about meditation and not sidestepping the practice of accepting and reflecting. That's one of the reasons my blog is (supposed to be) about a heart-centred writing practice. I am experimenting. Does slowing down and connecting with my heart, the portal to the Divine, help on a practical level? Can I be a successful writer doing things that way?

    Only time will tell. :)

    Best of luck with your early morning writing. I enjoyed your verse, too. :)


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