Monday, August 18, 2014

ROW80 Late again. Blame the polar bears!

I missed Sunday's ROW80 check-in. Here's Monday's brief, very brief check-in with goals for the coming week:

Writing: Goal 1,500 for the coming week.
Reading: Finish at least one book on Canadian history. Post at least one review of an indie book.
Community/Marketing: Teach workshop on building a writer's toolkit this Weds. Host launch for Years of Stone this Friday. Attend writers' groups x2.
Volunteering/Other: Finish 2 promo articles for WSQ. Work on program. Quilt when I have time.

Other than working on these same goals from last week, what have I been doing? 

Watching videos on the Upper Manitoba tourism site, especially those photos and videos about the York Factory, Hudson's Bay, and polar bears. Thinking about those images that stick in my mind -- a lean, black wolf chasing a polar bear, two polar bears that wrestle in the mud, the way the water looks when the fog moves in, the contrast between the marshy, mosquito-ridden shore of Hudson's Bay and the wilderness inland. 

Hungry looking wolf! (Churchill Wild)
If we lived in those stone huts through those early winter days of the Hudson's Bay Company, we'd need to use our axes to chop off the ice that formed on the walls overnight. Today, it's 80 degrees at Hudson's Bay, but winter rapidly approaches! This 31-second video from Travel Manitoba shows off a few polar bears.

More about Churchill Wild HERE.

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  1. Yup, I'm thinking that this is the time of year to visit Manitoba. Come November, I will stick to my own frozen northwoods of Wisconsin, where it is currently 60 degrees out and raining! Bleah on the weather. You just keep doing your research Beth, can't wait for book 3.


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