Sunday, September 7, 2014

Row80: Sunday night check-in?

Football season has begun in earnest. All that recruiting, bidding, training, practice, and now, the games begin. And I'm not talking fantasy, but Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday. Football! At least for some of the fans.

But what about that ROW80 update? How does that compare to the Cowboys? the Steelers? the 49ers? OK, my football analogy just ran out of yardage.  Here's this Sunday's check-in:

Writing/research: 770 words out of the goal of 1,500. But I started on Section 02, having worked the kinks out of the plot overall and deleted most of those winding paths out of Section 01. Steady reading of research with lots of questions added.

Blogging/Community: No F2F meetings this week. No progress on marketing. Blogged three times this week, most notably about that need we writers have to assess where we are and where we're going next in the first of 3-4 posts on "Writers' Construction Zone, Part One." I'd love to have your comments or reactions to this post . . . 

Goals for the coming week:
--Write 1,000 words for Rivers of Stone + continue research.
--Request review for Years of Stone in Australian newspaper.
--Continue weekly posts for Writers' Construction Zone.
--Prep for reading at local bookstore (including marketing).
--Keep pushing the river for decluttering in general, exercise x3 in particular, quilting for fun, and volunteer work to do.
--Priority One: Support my hubby as he continues to heal from back surgery. And so far, so good!

May your week go well! May you achieve your goals, whether that's a mopped kitchen floor or a new ending to a chapter.

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And celebrate all the good times that Robin Williams brought us.

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  1. Sounds like you'll have a busy week! Hope your husband continues to do well. All the best for the week ahead.


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