Monday, February 2, 2015

ROW80 Monday morning in Galveston . . .

Outside, 'tis sunny, a strong sea breeze in the palm trees, and a crowd of seagulls huddle on the cold beach across the street from our tiny, one-bedroom apartment. We made it to Galveston, flew yesterday via Southwest and choppy reception of the Super Bowl aboard the plane, to arrive at our new home for the next month. Half a bagel from yesterday, internet access and hot coffee mean I'm almost ready to start writing.

But first the late check-in. In the final flurry to pack and clean house for those guests who will visit in our absence, I can't remember what I did. Sorry. So instead, I'll climb back on to say what's coming up by Wednesday.

1. WRITING. Continue revising (Chapter 3-4) and reading research for Rivers of Stone. Read at least one chapter in Elizabeth Lyon's Manuscript Makeover and one chapter in Cowie's The Company of Adventurers. Discovered that the 'tween decks where Cat and Dougal sleep on the ship had a height of 5' which meant that not everyone could stand upright.

2. COMMUNITY: Catch up on ROW80 and NOVELS-L. Keep e-mails under 300. And, as Cate Morgan reminds me, continue to review at least 2 indie writers each month.

3. MARKETING. No goals at all here. Still tracking results of BookBub and will report later. If marketing promotes visibility, and visibility brings new readers, then this will have been well beyond any anticipation. I'm thrilled at each e-mail from someone who's connected to my writing.

Ahead of us all, the start of a new week and the challenge of writing. Check in with what other ROW80 writers are doing HERE and wish us all well.

Seals sleeping at sunset (Camp 2013)


  1. Well I hope Galveston is good to you in the next month.

    I am working a bunch of goals and some get swept under, so it's head down and nose to the grind stone with Mousetrap rehearsals, promotion of show, writing, reading, and editing.

    Catch you later, Beth! :-)

  2. I love your goal of reading/reviewing indie authors. I will make a note of that and steal it for the next round. =*) Good luck with your goals this week!


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