Sunday, February 22, 2015

ROW80 Sunday night check-in.

We have just five days left in this warm, Gulfside town. Today was nearly perfect down by the seawall, waves big enough to tempt surfers, Sunday afternoon strollers, and the temp near 78. I relish in these details for when we go north again, March forecasts predict snow. It's been a slow few days since Wednesday's ROW80 check-in.

WRITING. Steady and slow. I'm revising Chapter 4, appreciating again the helpful and pointed critiques from folks in NOVELS-L at the The Internet Writing Workshop. Most useful are those comments that take me a few days to absorb. So even if I'd like to improve my writing productivity, I'd rather go slowly and tighten. 

The latest challenge is finding ways to describe characters (even minor ones) so they come alive to the reader with deft description. Elizabeth Lyon, in her Manuscript Makeover, suggests 'riff writing.' You find a paragraph from a writer you admire, type it out word for word and then write your own paragraph in the same style. So far, interesting stuff, surprising stuff.

OTHER. Not so much though I did critique two more writers this week, posted to my travel blog, and am keeping current with other bloggers. My to-do list is still long, but I am feeling lazy! Company arrives tomorrow, then we go home on Saturday. Will I get any writing done? Not sure.

Galveston beach near Pleasure Pier (Feb 2015)
Meanwhile, may your own writing go well. Read what other ROW80 writers have done this week HERE. Be sure to wish Cait Nolan a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. We're enjoying warm and sunny Oregon!

    More editing than writing. Sounds like you're making good progress.

  2. Wow! You've had an idyllic Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't worry too much about your to-do list right now. You'll probably have plenty opportunity to be more productive when you get back home :-)

  3. Hmmm, something else to try! :-)

    Glad to hear the the time southward has been fruitful. Happy writing, Beth!!


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