Sunday, February 8, 2015

ROW80 Sunny Sunday check-in

They call us winter Texans here in Galveston, those folks who come south to get out of the snow zone, and we're settling in quite nicely into our quiet, tiny condo. 

I can't believe I'm reporting this, but today we swam in the heated swimming pool, sunny skies overhead, about 70 degrees. We walked along the beach, watched kids playing in the waves and flying kites, families gathered around folding chairs, firing up the b-b-ques. How has the week gone since Weds?

1. WRITING/READING. Meeting that goal of one hour of revision every day on Rivers of Stone. Trucking right along and now up to Chapter 10. Finished Cowie and read 2 chapters in Elizabeth Lyon's Manuscript Makeover. Just started reading Ken Follett's Fall of Giants. What a great read. By WEDS: 3 more chapters down on ROS and at least 3 chapters in Lyon.

2. COMMUNITY. Yes! Completed one review for NOVELS-L and another for a writer from my F2F group back home (with one more to go). Keeping current with ROW80 reading too, learning as I go. By WEDS: Finish two chapter reviews for indie writers. Get started on novel review for indie writer. Read one writing craft mag.

3. OTHER. Not sure what my other goals are for the coming week. We may hike out to a bird preserve. We've seen cormorants, stilts, black capped sea gulls -- but no pelicans, yet! I did make two colorful coasters by hand. The local quilt shop closed after Hurricane Ike, so no new fabric for me, but I did find a Goodwill nearby, so if I get stuck, I may start a 'found' applique project. 

After attending two Mardi Gras parades right on the Seawall yesterday (and collecting amazing beads), we're happy to have quiet time again.

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Galveston Seawall across the street from our condo (Feb 2015)


  1. Sounds like you had a fun AND productive week. Enjoy the beautiful weather and try to feel bad for those of us still in the snow-belt. Have a great upcoming week

  2. Thanks, Chris. Actually, I do feel guilty . . .a little. But part of being here in Galveston for just this month (and now, in the cold of winter back home) is to see if we can travel, can adapt, let go of not having a toaster, a comfy chair, easy access to books and sewing, all those comforts we surround ourselves with, to see if it's still possible to simply let go, not with the abandon of youth, but still appreciation for that warm sun on these old bones.

  3. I went to Galveston as a kid. This would be a very cool place to live, I think.

  4. Glad that someone's enjoying the balmy weather. Soak up some sun for me. :-)

  5. pea green at temps there but glad your bones are warm:) done well and hope you find your pelican

    I'm guessing the goodwill shop is like our charity shops - I buy stuff from them for applique they always seem to have stuff and material I never see in reg shops!

    all the best for coming week:)


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