Sunday, September 27, 2015

ROW80: Check-in: Goodbye to Round Three

The seasons turn. Perhaps fall is my favorite as leaves shimmer yellow and red here in dry eastern Washington. Or maybe spring, because that season marks the end of winter, which is far too cold here.

Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days ends with a brief respite before the last round of the year, a time to reassess writing goals -- and begin again.

Accomplishments? Yes, Allen's book, Reaching, a Vietnam war novel, is now live, though we won't have the official launch until Veteran's Day in November. I've learned a bit more about formatting for CreateSpace and Kindle; the print size on the PB is perfect for reading. I'll tackle some marketing next round (maybe a press release, a small blog hop, a few presentations, visits to local book clubs, and setting up Amazon and GoodReads author pages). Bookmarks and official copies are on their way to us, and here is the cover, designed by Angie Zambrano of pro_ebookcovers on fiverr. 

In this process of thinking about marketing, I've come up with a new term to describe my hubby and me:  gregarious introverts. No wonder I resist thinking about marketing. Thank goodness for writing communities that welcome us writers as we are. 

Now as Round 4 begins, I'll return to my own writing. My challenge for this last round of the year will be to make good progress on two projects -- finishing the research and drafting of Rivers of Stone and the final editing of Mothers Don't DieA simple list. But don't all projects start in this way?

Enjoy this little break from reporting in. See you next Round!


  1. I love the cover of Allen's book. I can't wait to start reading it (maybe on the plane to Africa next week!) I had a cousin who was killed in Viet Nam, and a fellow serviceman who was witness to it sent me a horrific account of that day. I can't imagine what war is like and how it changes a person forever. Sending Allen best wishes on a successful book launch. And all the best to you too, Beth.

  2. I agree, great cover! Huge congrats on getting your husband's novel ready to go. :)

    See you next round!

  3. The cover is awesome. And I love that term, "gregarious introverts!" Could describe me, too - and probably a lot of us creative types. :) Good luck on your goals in Round 4!


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