Sunday, September 13, 2015

ROW80 Sunday check-in: A little and a lot . . .

Just another week and a half to the end of Round 3 -- September 24 looms. Some real accomplishments to report this week:

--Cover done for Allen's Vietnam era novel, REACHING.
--Requested blurbs/reviews for REACHING.
--Corrections uploaded for YEARS OF STONE.
--Some reading and some writing for RIVERS OF STONE. Not quite my goal but still 1K.
--Steady progress on program for quilt show (deadline Oct 1, 40 pages), illustrations, text, the whole shebang.

For the coming week:
--Finish formatting REACHING (CreateSpace/Kindle).
--And whatever else I can manage.

Allen, Vietnam, 1968
The hardest task for me this week was asking for early reviews or blurbs for Allen's REACHING. First, I hate to ask for favors. Second, I asked a few people I knew locally and a few I met over the last several years on NOVELS-L of The Internet Writing Workshop. 

The result? Wow! I am humbled by the generosity of writers I barely know and so appreciative of their support. Yes, I believe in his novel and hope it will find readers. 

Now, my next challenge: to devise a marketing plan that supports his book -- without any public appearances for my hermit-like hubby. Suggestions?

May the end of the round go well for you. 



  1. I am so happy to hear about the good reviews for Hubby's novel. Good for him, and for you too. I wish I could give you some ideas for promoting it, but I am constantly looking for that kind of advice myself.

    Best wishes for a productive week and meeting all your Round-end goals.

    1. Isn't marketing a steep learning curve? So far, most of the marketing will be online . . . but I'm going to get in touch with some veteran groups. He's a pretty shy guy so I'm less sure about speaking. Maybe bookmarks. Thank YOU for the encouragement!

  2. hate the marketing side and still don't know what is the best way foward - sorry no ideas to help - all the best tho:)

  3. Congrats on the progress of Reaching.

    Sending good vibes on the marketing front. I am just as clueless about that kind of thing. Will need to research as I get ready to publish my works though. All the best, Beth!! :-)


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