Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ROW80 Weds check-in: Poco a Poco . . .

How do we get to Weds so fast?  Almost as fast as the end of the round is approaching.

Progress since Sunday:
1. Designed and ordered 250 bookmarks for Allen's REACHING ($22).
2. Contacted local Vietnam Vets chapter for Veteran's Day events and possible reading.
3. Requested one word corrections (my fault) on finished cover.
4. Worked on 40-page program due Oct 1.
5. Committed to rejoining the Internet Writing Workshop by November 1.
6. Committed to simple marketing plan for Allen's REACHING based on minimal web presence (Amazon Central author page, GoodReads author page); e-mail launch, and 3 events for launch. Maybe a blog hop . . .  not sure yet. All for around Veteran's Day.
7. Yes, actually read 7 folks' posts on ROW80.

To do by Sunday? Decided that I can't really do more than one writing project at a time . . . so focus for this coming week to make final additions (page numbering, author's note), final check format, and upload REACHING to CreateSpace. 

And on the quilting front: Cut out strips for that last row for the 'tree of life' quilt AND got permission froMétis artist Leah Dorion to play around with her really beautiful designs for a quilt. Go see her stuff! 

September Manito Park (Camp 2015)
Funny accomplishment: Last week, took my new (still feels new) Kindle Fire to the park and learned how to use the camera feature. Such a beautiful day I can almost forgive myself for taking a movie of my feet.

May you have a good week, with words falling out of the keyboard as fast as you can type!

And if you have any suggestions for a downsized marketing plan, please comment. What do you think is the most important step to take to promote your book?


  1. The most important step? Consistency and positivity. (Not that I'm an expert, or can even claim to be commercially successful...)
    Don't give up on one thing just because you don't see a jump in sales. And don't go 'Woe is me!' publicly if your promo doesn't seem to be working. Keep stuff like that to discussions with peers and friends. I've seen some writers go off the wall on facebook saying "Why aren't all of you buying my book? I have hundreds of friends! What's wrong with you people?"
    ~shiver~ Don't go there.

  2. Sounds like you've been productive. Marketing can be so difficult, I wish you luck.

  3. The picture you posted is great - what a beautiful park. I didn't know a Kindle Fire could take such good pictures.

    I am no help on the marketing front, but I think just promoting the book around Veteran's Day is a great start. Best wishes on its release.

  4. I'm not very good at launches, I'm afraid. And besides, it's very different if there are things you can do locally, which I can't since I'm not living in an English speaking country.

    Good luck with your husband's book!

  5. I love the photo! I wonder if my Kindle Fire (5 years old) could take a picture? You've done much more than I have which is...nothing--yup, nothing. Okay, I cut a couple thousand words and thought about my book and how to make it stronger. But actual writing? Nada.

  6. w00t! Huzzah!! Congats!! That is awesome to hear.

    I am not sure this helps, but when I am promoting a show I will send out Facebook and Twitter announcements. Make up a digital poster, cover picture for promotions on your blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Use Facebook event, or Google hangouts? Maybe tweet chats?

    Using the VA is definitely a good idea.

    Best of luck on the marketing plan.


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