Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weds: Last Breath of Summer?

As we all head to the end of summer in our various climes, and the end of Round 3 approaches, I find myself in that curious place -- between summer and fall, between research and writing.

WEDS ROW80 update: I'm thrilled to report that the cover is nearly finished for Allen's Vietnam War novel, Reaching. I'll post the cover as soon as . . . That means one more round of formatting for Kindle and CreateSpace, and this little baby will be out in the world. He wrote it after coming home in the early 1970s, and we'll have a launch near this year's Veteran's Day . . . if the bookstore responds!

So I looked at all my goals, got a lot of research reading done last week, but decided to tackle one that's been hanging around since April -- making a few editing changes on Years of Stone and uploading the revised e-book format. Wow! Did that feel good. Now to say thank you to PJ for her thoughtful reading.

Today was in the 70's. Despite my mangled feet, I went walking with hubby at Manito Park. Beautiful. A day to cherish when the snow comes.

Manito Park, September 2015 (Camp)
 Such green everywhere, just a hint of red and yellow on its way.

And, I'm making real progress on the latest wheelchair quilt. This one started as an abandoned 'tree of life'. It's pinned on my writing corkboard, waiting for just one more round.

I'm not sure when Round 3 ends. I only know we're close. For now my goals are to organize, read, think, cherish each day, rest my darn feet, and get back to writing. May the end of the round go well for you!

PS: Ruth Nestvold is sharing her thoughts on how effective her online ads have been. Very helpful! Check her blog out! 


  1. PS You can see a larger version of any image just by clicking on it! And I forgot to say that these pics came from my new Kindle Fire . . . just learning how to use it . . . and the ubiquitous cloud. Have a few videos of my feet walking through the park.

  2. Sounds like you're making some good progress. This round should end the 24th, so 2 more weeks.

  3. Beautiful quilt--truly a work of art. We only have a few weeks left in this round. I'm trying to make the most of them. Happy writing/research!

    As for the transition from summer to fall, the days are still warm, but the leaves are starting to show the first signs of changing. A few more weeks and autumn will be here!

  4. Definitely looks like it's been a good week! Congrats on the husband's book.

    I am surprised that the Round is wrapping up, it's been a good run. The park looks gorgeous.


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