Sunday, November 22, 2015

ROW80 and Thanks-giving . . .

Looking back to last week's challenges made me smile, for this week brought a whirlwind . . . not at all related to writing. 

You may have seen highlights on the national news about the windstorm that hit Spokane on Tuesday night with 70-mph winds, knocking down over 400 trees and powerlines and leaving over 180,000 people in the dark. 

We were without light or heat for 24 hours, and our kids just got power back last night (that's four days and nights with temperatures in the 20s last night).  Here's a pic from Flickr that shows just one of those 400 trees that were blown over.

"Fallen" by Frank Knapp (Flickr)
What was most humbling? A quick reality check on how dependent I am on technology. No power meant no computer. Cell phone at one bar. And a reminder about exactly how much energy it takes to chase after a one-year-old and a three-year-old!

If I wrote apocalyptic sci-fic, I'm ready to describe streets no longer passable, giant trees uprooted, crashing down, and a community managing somehow to work through each day, supporting each other as best we can. Did I say we may have snow by Tuesday? And 40,000 people are still without power as of tonight?

I have nothing to report on my goals this week, but I can wish you all a good Thanksgiving, one of thankfulness -- especially this year that we all stay warm, dry, safe, and connected.

May the coming week be a good one for you. Check in on what other ROW80 writers are up to HERE.

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