Sunday, November 15, 2015

ROW80 Sunday Night Check-in . . .

This last week has been humbling. Yesterday I drove 30 minutes to a meeting that had been cancelled and then drove another 30 minutes home. But that 'wasted' hour was quite useful in thinking about where I was feeling over-extended and why. 

Sometimes if I run too fast to complete a list that's far too long, I forget the simple pleasures of sitting, thinking, remembering, and sharing.

Participating in NaNoWriMo this year has led me to feel inadequate as a writer. So I'm now officially a NaNo rebel, still committed to writing every day, but at a slower pace. My normal daily word count is between 250-400 words, so attempting 750 words a day is still a stretch. And, joy on joy, I am writing real scenes finally.

ROW Goals by November 22:
--Continue commitment to NaNoWriMo by writing a minimum of 750 words every day. Total for last week: 6,269 new words (nearly 900 words a day).

--Continue review of audio tapes for YEARS OF STONE. Last week: Completed Chapters 1-11. Next week: complete Chapters 12-30.

--Read one indie book for review. Continue research reading especially Jack Nisbet's David Douglas: A Naturalist at Work, and Arthur J. Ray's I Have Lived Here Since the World Began (a history of Canada's native peoples), for I feel I romanticize the world of M├ętis and native peoples a little too much.

--Other goals: Work on exercise, decluttering, and a little quilting. Continue to read posts by other ROW80 writers!

I hope to begin a new quilt, inspired by a book I recently discovered called Constantinople Quilts by Tamsin Harvey. She uses Turkish Iznik tiles for both color and design of 8 applique projects.

Not only do her photographs and designs remind me of the month we spent in Turkey (primarily Istanbul) and of the rich culture and warmth of the people there, but my DH needs a new quillow.

I don't expect fast progress on this project, for it will take time to find the colors and decide on a design. Here's a picture of Iznik tiles we saw at Topkapi Palace not so long ago:

Detail tiled wall, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul (Camp 2009)
May you have a good week -- with all in balance! Go forth and encourage other ROW80 writers HERE.


  1. I'm a late my internet is useless. Anyways I see that you have busy in writing. ah yeah, the simple pleasures of thinking, relaxing and several other things make life worth living :)
    Im late again in posting the blog
    Stay sweet

  2. It's always good to figure out what you can do and what's too much. Good luck with your goals this week.

  3. Much better to be happy with your progress than to feel inadequate trying to stick to the official Nano! You are wise to slow down, I think. Your quilt project sounds fulfilling too. DH is a lucky guy!

  4. I agree that the pace NaNoWriMo sets just isn't for everyone. That's why ROW80 does work for everyone. Set your own goals and go for it! Best wishes on that quilt. It will be beautiful!


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