Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ROW80 Weds Check-in: What's cooking?

Life has nearly returned to normal. Lights and power have been restored, though some 20,000 still remain in the dark. When we sit down tomorrow to that annual feast, surrounded by family and friends, I am feeling very grateful for all that we take for granted.

Writing goals and progress hit a big bump last week. So in the spirit of ROW80, I'm recasting my goals through the end of the round. 

Writing Goals by December 26:
--Finish Sec04 on Rivers of Stone. This section's currently at 34,400, but it’s not about word count. It’s about identifying what’s missing, building in those transitions, and deepening the POV.
--Review Standing Stones ACX audio tapes. Darryl has sent me 30 chapters; I’ve completed 1-14. By Sunday 8 more chapters (minimum 2 chapters/day). 

Other goals by December 26:
--Complete at least one read-through/revision notes for Mothers Don’t Die.
--Review at least 2 books written by indie authors (Jensen, Danner, Manion, Drake). Completed 2 indie reviews in November.
--Learn Scrivener. Use for memoir. Downloaded, worked through orientation, set up new file and put 2 hours into writing family history.
--Complete updates for Reaching and enter in Writer’s Digest self-pub contest.
--Write in writing blog at least once a week. Focus: Report on research for Rivers of Stone. Thanks to Fallon Brown, I posted WIPpet Weds' snippet on my writing blog CLICK HERE to read.

--Read Jack Nisbet’s David Douglas: A Naturalist at Work and Nancy Marguerite Anderson's The Pathfinder.
--Declutter e-mail to under 250 and keep deleting! Down to 387 today from 500.
--Other:  Continue organizing fabric and quilt! Reconnect with exercising 3x week.

And that's all, folks!  Zing by other ROW80 writers HERE to give them an encouraging comment. Happy Thanksgiving, and remember, we're in this together. Write on!

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  1. Thank goodness for reforming goals! It's much better than just chucking it all and wandering aimlessly.


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