Monday, December 7, 2015

Pushing the River, Nearly There

Yesterday was my birthday. Wonderful greetings from Facebook friends, an early morning breakfast with DH, and evening with family. No cake. No cards. Just the simplest of days that resonated with pleasure. 

And, no writing yesterday, though the rest of this week has gone well. So I'm checking in one day late for ROW80 and wondering . . . at the cycle of seasons, the rhythm of our own personal lives, beginnings and endings, and the commitments we make to others and ourselves. 

Writing: I'm at that phase of editing when word count doesn't count. Some days I add new words and shape a section; other days, I slash away. Wrote 3 days out of 4. Was it Voltaire who said, "The enemy of the good is the quest for perfection"? I circle around levels of expression and meaning because I want the story to be true to this character and her quest. My goal before the end of the round -- to finish Section 04.
Reviewing: Ha! Made pretty good progress here. 12 chapters reviewed since Wednesday for the audio version of Standing Stones. Darryl sent me 20 more recordings. By Weds: review 10 more chapters.

Completed/Some Progress:
--Found a lovely poetry writing challenge called Three Line Thursday with a knock-me-dead photo. Posted to my writing blog, subscribed to the challenge. Next to the e-mail confirming my subscription was a note that the facilitator is taking a break. I wish Grace Black well and will hope to continue writing a poem a week through December.
--Still decluttering e-mail. Down to 351 this morning. Goal: 250 by Sunday.
--Thinking about the difference between family history and memoir. Goal: 750 words by Sunday.

No progress? I'm not going to repeat those goals that lie there, like dead fish. They may simply vanish by December 26. Except for exercise. And maybe some marketing. And, and. 

May your week go well. And stop by to encourage other ROW80 writers on this blog hop inspired and facilitated by the indefatigable Kait Nolan HERE. Set goals. Write. Measure progress. Rather like looking in the mirror. Write on! 

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