Thursday, December 24, 2015

ROW80 check-in. 'Twas the night before . . .

I'm a little exhausted (Can one be a little exhausted?) after a day at the doctor with DH. Perhaps its just that he's in pain and recovery seems rather nebulous. But each day we still can laugh and cherish the moments we have together.

I thought to prepare for tonight's last post for 2015 that I would read through the ROW80 posts for this last year. Well tonight I did reread January -- but want to read more so I can analyze what really has been accomplished and identify those common continuing challenges that thread their way through my posts. 

Where are all the members of ROW80? Did you know that last January some 35-40 people routinely posted their updates? And that these last few weeks, we ROW80 folks have numbered between 10-20?

I'm wondering why -- for that process of setting goals and measuring accountability seems nearly automatic. 

Maybe I need to confront my writing challenges more deeply, for my major goal for the year, to finish Rivers of Stone, currently about 90K words, still seems at least six months away. No beta readers lined up. No cover. I'm still in that 'final' revision stage, working on Section 04, with at least one full revision awaiting.

Another benefit of this ROW80 community is that sense of connectedness to other writers, regardless of genre, as they model their successes and challenges, inspiring me many times to take leaps where I might have just peeked.

I still love writing more than marketing, though my daily word count varies wildly. I still resist social media most of the time. I make commitments that I cannot keep, but persevere. Even if my desire to support other writers with reviews and feedback outstrips my energy, I do love being a part of this unwieldy, unpredictable, exciting, ever changing online community of writers.

May 2016 bring you new readers and every success, happiness, health, and inspiration for new stories (and finishing older ones).

And why not visit other ROW80 writers? Or join in!


  1. I'd been wondering too where all the ROW'ers had gone to. Are people just too busy? Have they given up on their writing? Lost interest in ROW? I don't know. I guess we will see what the new year brings.

    I look forward to reading about all of your endeavors for 2016.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Chris. Perhaps the larger group is now smaller, but the lessons remain. Hope your 2016 is just as busy and productive for you as it was in 2015!


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