Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ROW80 Since last Weds . . .

Promises, promises. Were we grateful at Thanksgiving? Yes. Very. Family gathered. The appropriate foods were cooked and eaten. We had power, light, and heat. All is well, nearly. Except we all have those nasty colds that begin with razors at the throat, lots of sneezing, and a desire to hide in bed.

I revamped my goals through the end of Round 4 and am making steady progress on the writing portion once again. Progress report for the last week on Round 4 goals:

Writing by December 26: 
--Finish Sec04 on Rivers of Stone. Wrote 3,000 words this week, chopping and drafting 4 out of 7 days. Focus remains to identify what is missing, work on transitions and deep POV. Getting distracted by some great research. 
--Review audio tapes for Years of Stone ACX audio tapes. Darryl has sent me 30 chapters; I’ve completed 20. He has a wonderful voice.

Completed/Some progress:
--Evaluated Scrivener and while I still love the overall concept and somewhat mastered the layers from corkboard to outlining, I missed being able to plug my photos right in my draft. Verdict: Stick with Word.
--Blog on writing blog once each week. Today, Weds is the monthly check-in for IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group). Before midnight I will post!
--Goal to declutter e-mail down to 250. OK currently at 400 but that's down from 600.
--Completed a few more quilt blocks and found the sashing material for the Bird Quilt.

Pending/Nothing at all done on these:  
--Complete read through/revision notes for Mothers Don’t Die
--Review 2 books written by indie authors (Jensen, Danner, Manion, Drake, Eller, Caudel)
--Complete updates for Reaching and enter in Writer’s Digest self-pub contest. Did get Reaching on consignment at 2nd Look Books in Spokane.
--Reconnect with exercising 3x week. Sigh.

Outside, the first real snow that presented a few driving challenges at 7:30 this morning has turned to slush. Life may have returned somewhat to normal. May you have a very good week and in the words of Mac McDonnell, "Bend, don't break."

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