Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weds ROW80 Check-in: Riding the rapids

This morning, we saw the first real snow this year (2-3 inches), and the water heater went out. But that's not an omen, just an inconvenience.

Quick report in on this week's progress:

--Pushing the river with more progress on revising Rivers of Stone. I most likely will not finish section 4 before the end of this round, but I'm feeling very encouraged as the scenes tighten word by word. Word count is going down, so I can't say so many words have been added. But the writing is tighter. Right now the draft is organized by location into 5 subsections. Goal by Sunday: Write every day and finish one subsection (Boat Encampment)
--Drafted a planning template for a novella called Return to Foulksay (20-40K words), maybe as a giveaway for folks who sign up for the newsletter. Will Moira and Dylan finally be reunited?

--Started reading Peter Jensen's Shakespeare's Lovers for review (and fun). Goal by Sunday: Finish review.
--Also reading Jack Nisbet's David Douglas: A Naturalist at Work. 
--Hope to receive those last 10 tapes for Standing Stones' audio book . . . and finish before year end!

Completed/Some progress:
--Found the missing border fabric after an exhaustive search at two local quilt shops. I sew between writing sessions to keep moving!
--Will post on writing blog for WIPpet Weds a little later today.
--Keeping that e-mail inbox down to 100. So far.
--Hope to keep that appointment with the trainer today to map out an exercise program. I can walk now up to 20+ minutes, but the hamstring still squawks at me.
--Keeping up with reading other ROW80 writers, x6 so far this week. I feel a little guilty not volunteering to be a sponsor for Round 1, 2016 (which begins January 4), since I've benefited so much from being a part of A Round of Words in 80 Days. So maybe.

And that's all, folks. Back to work! But before you go, why not hop over to the linky for ROW80 to see what's up. You never know when you'll find an inspiring idea to keep you writing, editing, marketing, dreaming. And if you're not already in ROW80, why not join?

"Keyboard Cat"
by Cassandra Leigh Gotto (Flickr)


  1. What a lovely update! O many wonderful project. I wnt to go to a quilt shop with you! :)

    I'll be sponsoring for Round One. Maybe I'll see you there.☺

    1. Thank you, Shan, for volunteering as a sponsor AND for encouraging me as well, especially given your many projects. And, yes, I do love to find fabrics and will post a pic of my latest as soon as I get the next rows sewn together. Quilting is rather like writing for me!

  2. I love reading updates on Rivers of Stone. I can't wait to read it once it's done. Also glad to hear your hamstring is coming along, though I am sure it is much slower than you'd like. The bursitis in my hip is finally completely better. Yeah! Even ran a little on the treadmill the other night. Best wishes on continued success in all areas.

    1. Thank you, Chris, for your constant encouragement despite your very busy schedule in December. Spent an hour with the trainer this afternoon and have a very ambitious program ahead, but he said no treadmill . . . yet. And, yes, you can read a snippet from Rivers of Stone over on the writing blog!


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